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  1. just a quick update; I spoke to the vets today to see how this young boy was doing, hes on very strong pain relief, antibiotics , hes pain free now, they are going to give him a couple of days to pick up then assess the amount of surgery he needs, im just so glad hes not in pain anymore : )
  2. this young male has now been collected by rspca, they estimate hes been injured at least a couple of days, possible broken pelvis, hes aged between 1-2 yrs not neutered, long haired ginger and white cat, found in shiregreen, fingers crossed this young boy makes it .
  3. rspca are coming to collect her, weve put her in a comfy box with blankets, looks like both her back legs are broken, but shes quite calm now, considering the pain she must be in, I don't have transport otherwise I would have taken her myself, rspca will be here shortly.
  4. found on shirehall rd in garden this morning injured, knocked down or bitten not sure, any info call 2464328 thanx:(
  5. I was brought up on Longley, and I loved the area, made a lot of friends over the years, there is good and bad in all areas.
  6. have you or anyone you know had a splenectomy ? if so how long was your recovery period ? how long was you in hospital for and was you able to return to work ? thanks.
  7. and whats wrong with same sex couples having kids ??? I know a couple ( women) who have 2 daughters, both have excellent jobs, one owns her own building company .the other is a top barrister in London, none of them got stigma at school at all, and they are both very proud of their parents, don't knock it till you have tried it I say
  8. hmmmmmmmmm yes I can ive worked with them:rant:
  9. are you just talking about heroin or all illegal drugs because a big majority of doctors and nurses smoke cannabis, they say its due to all the stress they are under, I don't agree with drugs but I wouldn't go as far as calling them " the scum of the earth !!!!!
  10. id say the biggest kebab in Sheffield starts at the wicker and finishes at firth park,
  11. YES MOONBIRD, I fill these forms in all the time for my patients, just put n/a on the care component part then at the end of the form explain in full why you don't need the care component. they are very easy to complete just time consuming,
  12. yes I sent a detailed report to safe guarding of vulnerable adults, not sure what happened from then onwards as I left and safe guarding do not disclose info as to what happened.
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