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  1. Have you looked at Quick Stop at 949 Grimesthorpe Rd, Sheffield S4 8ES. Looks to be closer to Shiregreen than to LaneTop though.
  2. Curious what an IKEA rejection email looks like? Dear *****, In response to your request for feedback regarding your recent application to our Goods Flow Warehouse position. I would firstly like to apologise for the delay, but as you can appreciate we have received a great number of candidates for the aforementioned role. Our initial stage of recruitment requires looking for individuals which stand out and share our company values, past working history and previous experiences. However, on this occasion your application was unsuccessful. This does not mean you cannot apply for any future positions with IKEA. Kinds Regards, Chris Wells Logistics Team Manager – IKEA Sheffield Thanks IKEA.
  3. I hate the co-op in Firth Park. First time I went in I was followed all the way to the checkout by a security guard and then the second time a checkout worker sarcastically made a joke under his breath to his fellow cashier insinuating I was a cheapskate for buying reduced items!
  4. Gunstone bakery loses sandwich making contract from M&S, some workers may be made redundant if no suitable alternative options are found for them. Sad stuff with Christmas just around the corner.
  5. I'm sure around the time the new Tesco Extra was going to open I saw a plan/announcement about a new Sainsbury's store that was going to be built near fletchers? Or has that been put on the scrapheap just like the Sevenstone's project anyone?
  6. When will the madness stop? A person should only be let into this country if they're classed in the following categories - studying, asylum, marriage or based on their job skill level. The cronies at the top don't seem to give a tiddlywinks about us common folk! It's time for a revolution I say
  7. So your telling me if somehow miraculously hundreds of Americans moved into page hall tomorrow, you will refer to them as the new Roma
  8. Romas are the new Asian! How did you come to that conclusion? Please explain
  9. The difference here is that the asians are and have integrated into the community and the romas living down there in Page Hall are not. Have you ever seen people of asian decent hanging about on the street late at night or into the early hours being drunk, shouting and being anti social?
  10. If you feel unsafe you can always run into the police station that is located on Attercliffe Road
  11. I'm going on a mission tomorrow as soon as the sun rises to find out once and for all who does the best tasting doughnuts in the Steel city of Sheffield! I'm going to pay visits to all supermarkets and shops across this fine city , but this guy is going to need some inspiration and direction and help to complete this mission So in your opinion who has/does the best tasting doughnuts in Sheffield?
  12. I've measured it and it's actually 3ft long plus you get a free bottle of pepsi with it too wooooo
  13. I don't have a problem with paying for my GCSE, but rather the amount they are asking for £724 for one GCSE, which is taught once per week for 6 months. How can they go from one year charging around £250, and in the 2nd year free and now in the third £724. Extra info: As a young lad my education was partially effected due to being bullied, this really effected my concentration at school, I also had to change schools for this reason too. Now as an adult I am more focused and I want to try to go back and erase my demons and make good on unfinshed business. Every person deserves a second chance.
  14. Thank you I was thinking about doing the health science access course after completing my gcse's as a gateway to higher education, and now even that course has doubled in fees £3,022.00 <---- and this only for one year
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