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  1. They can send somone over to hear it for themselves then they can get somone to come and get it so solving the problem.
  2. How abouts ringing 101 and telling them luv.
  3. It would still be worthwhile reporting it to the police, council and rspca I would have thought. Also to take pictures of the poor cats
  4. Thanks for that but i didnt think it hurt asking if anyone else has/had this.
  5. Aww i shall have to put a pic up of Tabbytha and hers.
  6. No I didnt I went for a scan for something else and they found this so had to go for another. I am waiting to see a neurosurgeon.
  7. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/north_east_orkney_and_shetland/10286718.stm
  8. Ha ha very funny but I am actually quite worried about this
  9. After having a MRI scan have been told I have an enlarged pituitary gland. Has anyone else had/got one of these?
  10. could be. her ears just about fully up now.
  11. We got in yesterday and noticed that her right ear is folded down. Quite like that of a dog when they have one ear up n one down. She isn't in any pain and doesn't mind me touching it but was wondering if anyone else's kitten has done this. My son thought it might have happened when she's been playing with my adult cat. They are always biting eat others ears. I can't see any bite marks or cuts and it does look to be more up today.
  12. I have got everything crossed for you luv
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