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  1. I know this is a older post but for anybody who has a look for a answer I use Younique. I have combination skin and have really dry patches but so oily around my t zone and nostrils I hate it. The Younique one is fab, very good coverage and you need a very small amount so it lasts for ages. Have a look here for the different types that they offer X https://www.youniqueproducts.com/KatherineJudge
  2. Hi all I'm a bit lost. My soon to be 5 year old son has been diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder which may refine to Asperger's Syndrome. I also have a 3 year old who is currently under assessment for autism. I feel trapped, I'm a full time carer at home and also have a baby girl with no health problems. My hubby gets out fishing and I'm glad he gets some time out but I get nothing. I know it's my job to care for my children but I'm starting to feel resentful as I never get a break. How do other carers or parents of children in the spectrum get down time?
  3. Does anybody go to the ringcraft at Beighton? Just wondered if it still running and if anybody has any contact details, i'm wanting to start asap with my Frenchie but cannot find anything with Mr Google
  4. Hi, If this is in the wrong place please move it. I am looking for a photographer to do a cake smash photo shoot for my daughter's first birthday next month. I would like a few pictures of my daughter with her siblings and messy ones with my husband and I and a family one as well as the usual messy ones of the baby. Please inbox with quotes and availability for the 1st week in February.
  5. Looking for ringcraft classes in Sheffield area. The closer to swallownest the better as im not a confident driver so city center not great for me. Im hoping to join asap as im wanting to show my French bulldog x
  6. I have a French bulldog speeddemon. I took her to rother valley last weekend on a frenchie walk and she loved it. Really want to socialise her young and get her mingling. Thats the problem I had with daisy and tank. Most people thought they would attack their dogs so they became aggressive. Mable is such a lovely little girl. Would love to come home with a rosette lol
  7. Ive looked in the sticky at the too but it has not been updated since last year. I am taking my 16 week old puppy to dogs unleashed this weekend but want to find more. If anybody knows of any could you please let me know.
  8. Thank you. I have contacted many rescues and charities and he either doesnt fit criteria or due to finacial constraints they are no longer taking anymore dogs in. That said she has decided to keep him, im not sure how this will work out as he is urinating all over and opening his bowels wherever he can in the house and she cannot walk him. I would offer to walk him myself but that would mean 2 trips a day from swallownest to grassmoor and with a 3,2 year olds and a 9 week old baby it is too much for me to take on. I dont have the time to help her yet he will destroy her new bungalow its such a sad situation
  9. No not yet. Only just been asked today to help find him somewhere. I was not sure if anybody here worked at one that knew of any spaces hence my post.
  10. Harvey is a nearly 6 year old tan/blue staffy. His owner is in bad health and 78, she can no longer keep him. Are there any spaces in a rescue that could take him?
  11. On Monday Environmental Health are coming to assess the private rented house My family and I are living in as we have complained about the black mould and dripping wet walls in the house plus double glazing filling up with water etc. Nothing has been done by the estate agents regarding this after a visit from the estate agent on 30/10/2013 and we were told a specialist would be in touch to sort it. Anyway since last week we have low water pressure and no hot water (combi boiler wont work due to low pressure) I reported this on 25/11/2013 and did this in person and in writing and got a letter copied and signed to say it had been received. The estate agents have waited till 3pm today to give a plumber a job number and they didnt ring till 5pm. My husband has been told over the phone that we will need the front of the house digging up and a new water supply running from the external tap but before any of this gets started they need to get in touch with the landlord (who lives in switzerland ) to get the job approved. When the environmental health come on monday will they see it fit to leave my family in the house or will we have to leave. Im 7 month pregnant and we have a 1 and 3 year old who now cant have a bath, my washing maching wont fill up and im boiling the kettle to wash the pots, the toilet also doesnt flush properly and often leaves "waste" in there. Im worried that they will see this as unhygienic and not fit to live in with all the other damp problems we are having. Can somebody please give me some advice as to what to do from here, we dont have any family that could help us and we dont have deposit money to just move somewhere else private rented.
  12. I rent a home with a estate agent, the house has very bad damp/mould/structural problems. The estate agent fobs us off with excuse after excuse and the black mould has made us all ill. There is myself (6 months pregnant) my husband (who has bad asthma and it is worse now) and our 1 and 3 year old sons who have respiratory problems which the doctor has said is more than likely due to mould. Photo's have been taken, environmental health are visiting soon and the doctor has written us a letter saying that it is imperative for our health and for the baby's when she arrives that we have different accommodation. We also have been given 2 months notice which we have the letter for this property that we can show the council. I am on the list for a council house but because my husband and I both work full time we are a general band (which is understandable) now what im wondering is..... after enviro health visit and with the notice of end of tenancy, the dr's note saying this house is bad for our health and the possibility of homelessness with a new baby on the way will any of the above help us to get a house any quicker? I dont want to keep moving house after house with the children as they need to be settled and we cannot afford to buy, we also have no family who could help us with either money or putting us up. Im really worried about what will happen. Please no nasty comments about us wanting a council house im not a 16 year old getting pregnant to get a flat were married and having bad luck at the moment.
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