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  1. My son has just asked on fb about this, to see if anyone knows what’s happening.
  2. Thankyou so do I ---------- Post added 06-09-2017 at 21:11 ---------- So sorry to read about your cat focemal
  3. Ollie hasn't been seen since yesterday teatime, he does tend to stay out some nights, but is usually at the back door when I get up. He's 1 yr old dark grey in colour and has white under his neck and belly, and white on his paws and back feet. No collar but is chipped. It's S8 Holmhirst road area if people around the area can keep a look out please. He is very nervous though so prob won't go to you. Update.... Ollie is home
  4. I'm looking to hire a wheelchair for my mum. She is in a nursing home and has Alzheimer's, it would be nice to be able to take her out locally when we go see her. We can't use the homes ones incase of emergencies. Is there anywhere that hires them out free? Thankyou
  5. I reported a repair back in oct, had a letter from scc to say they would be taking over, this was in Feb, the job will be done April 4th, not waited too long then eh?
  6. I am looking to rehome 2 hamsters, they are in separate cages as 1 bullied the other. Reason for rehoming is because my daughter came back home from student accommodation and 1 of her housemates had bought them then decided she didn't want them, so we had them. But we have 2 cats so they are kept upstairs and not really getting any attention. They are free to good home only, and come with cages and food etc.
  7. Ive emailed a complaint recently about mums treatment in the Northern General, she has alzheimers and had a fall at home and fractured her ankle, been in there 5 weeks now and has had 3 falls, some of the staff do not give a monkeys, a couple are ok and helpful, she is not been looked after properly, they send security to her when she gets aggresive, found out 1 of the security men shouted at her to get back in bed, disgusting. I have asked numerous times for her to be moved to the dementia ward but was fobbed off, i am fuming, the sister said the security men had to protect the hospital, what> from a 73 yr old vulnerable woman with dementia?
  8. Would like to recommend Roger Lemons, he has supplied and fitted a new toilet at my mums, also painted and put down new lino. Fantastic job.
  9. Big recommendation for leepy (Lee) he has decorated ny kitchen and it looks fantastic, lovely guy, did a great job, tidied up after himself aswell, how many men do that? Haha. In all seriousness, very professional work.
  10. Just had my mums fence fixed by Starlc (ash) lovely guy, friendly and helpful, did a good job at a good price. Would highly recommend, he does other work aswell.
  11. The ovens were condemned due to carbon monoxide, the landlord/lady couldnt afford to pay for new 1,s so have left. Apparently the brewery are taking it over?
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