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  1. Hi , due to lockdown that's currently in force my dogs are ruining my lawn anyone offer advice on how to help it recover I have bought some seed to re seed the patches but is there anything I can use prior to seeding to neutralise the urine in these area's .thanks
  2. Hi my daughter's Ps4 is showing a blue light &won't come on . She has tried holding the power button in for 7 seconds but still comes up with blue light. Anyone advise? .
  3. No andre rieu. Not been to leeds for ages was just wondering if arena is well sign posted
  4. Hi has anyone been to the first direct arena ? Is it easy to find and what parking is there ? I'm going to a concert in may. Thanks
  5. Blue staffy running loose around hogs head hackenthorpe S12
  6. Thanks for your replies ,I'm going through them to find one that works thanks all
  7. Will try the newspaper idea. Janis your idea may work lol
  8. His I have tried that sort of stuff & the sonic type they aren't working unfortunately but thanks for your reply
  9. Could anyone advise me of a way to stop cats toileting in my planters,ever since they have being emptied,I wouldn't want to hurt them just stop them
  10. I did post a link to the star newspaper re this post but was unaware you can't just post a link without a discription https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/video-search-and-rescue-operation-at-sheffield-country-park-1-9244584
  11. Helping hands are collecting ar crystal peaks tomoz and all donations are going to be sent to manchester dogs home
  12. if you would like advice from someone who has served time for having a pitbull type then feel free to contact me via pm
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