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  1. Thanks for your replies ,I'm going through them to find one that works thanks all
  2. Will try the newspaper idea. Janis your idea may work lol
  3. His I have tried that sort of stuff & the sonic type they aren't working unfortunately but thanks for your reply
  4. Could anyone advise me of a way to stop cats toileting in my planters,ever since they have being emptied,I wouldn't want to hurt them just stop them
  5. I did post a link to the star newspaper re this post but was unaware you can't just post a link without a discription https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/video-search-and-rescue-operation-at-sheffield-country-park-1-9244584
  6. Helping hands are collecting ar crystal peaks tomoz and all donations are going to be sent to manchester dogs home
  7. if you would like advice from someone who has served time for having a pitbull type then feel free to contact me via pm
  8. Hi do you still have grazing if so would it take 3 x 14.2 horses?
  9. Grazing req for 2 possibly 3 horses near to s12 hackenthorpe .ideally all yr grazing .will travel gurther a field if land available ---------- Post added 13-08-2014 at 19:41 ---------- Further dooh.
  10. Does anyone go to or know of a dog teaining scool in the Hackenthorpe area ?.
  11. .Not meaning to antagonise anyone but one of the main reasons rescues are full is because of the amount of dogs being abandend or people carn't cope anyone .or they didnt realise how big the dog was going to growand then there's always I cant afford it anymore !all reasonswhich is why rescues do home checks . Anyone who doubts what im saying come answer my phone for a week .one other thing to consider is that most rescues offer a return to rescue should anything go wrong .
  12. Well im sorry whatvi meant to say wasi didnt have a dog that I thought was cat friendly so if you left me your details I would look fot one for you when I visit pounds , but im affraaid the same proceedure exsists for all adopters of my dogs . If you send details I will stand by what I said .x
  13. Rosa .I didnt say that you had anything to hide . I do not pretend to know more about dogs than you ., just incase I read that wrong .im sorry.But we do to have somewhere to start in securing the well being for the dogs we save. If I remember rightly did you not ring me this week .I told you to forward me your details & that if I didnt have a suitable dog I would try to find one that would suit your situation, I also said that there would be a need for a home check ? Helping hands dog rescue do not discriminate.
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