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  1. Contact FEFA on Foxglove Road, Wincobank. It's just off Bellhouse Road. I'm confident they run a playgroup some days. I can ask for you Monday. Other than that, what used to be Shiregreen Neighbourhood Centre is now "little Beck", if you call Beck school they'll transfer you. You could ask them. There is sure start at firth park who run various things, and the HUB at Hartley Brook School run a lot of stuff too. Hope This helps xx
  2. Long shot I suppose... My fella has somehow lost his car keys today at the united match, he says he spoke to stewards and police etc but nothing has been handed in. I am going to ring round a few places again tomorrow, call the police again but thought I would ask here. There's 2 car keys and 1 keyring on the set (will describe to any potential findings) Reward is offered for return of the keys.
  3. This really winds me up. Outside my sons school the road narrows so one side has to give way to oncoming traffic, and parents park right up to each side of this, and sometimes ON the section narrowing the road! I have 2 babies in a double buggy, I drive to school purely because I collect another child and drop him off home (a good 40min walk for him) and guess what?! I park on another road, and manage to walk the rest. It isn't that hard, nor does it require that much thought. I set off at 1450, I park (legally!) get the buggy out, get babies in, and walk to school. 5 minute drive. I'm still at school for 1500 prompt! There is no excuse for parking like a complete t****r outside school. A child was knocked down by a car earlier this year, because of people parking all over, 2 cars heading towards each other and one mounted the kerb to get past. Taking a child down. The police have been present on the odd occasion outside my sons school but they STILL park where the hell they want! I on occasion drive a 'Chelsea tractor' but I can, and do, park in a safe place. If you can pop a navara in that category!
  4. Just had the police to say my partners van has been damaged/broken in to. It did appear nothing had been stolen at first, but upon closer inspection its possible a drill has gone (currently searching the van for it..) which belongs to the company and is marked/coded etc My initial response is the person knew what they were doing as they have managed to pull the side door downwards without triggering the locks/alarm... Somehow. Just be careful. We are in a way lucky, as all the contents etc are insured and it is company property that's been stolen so nothing of his 'own' has gone that's irreplaceable. This happened on Bellhouse Road, FYI.
  5. A steal? Wouldn't pay it myself. Because I know that arch damage is classed as a write off on this car, exact same car myself, didn't have half the arch damage this has and it got written off by the insurers! You'll find if the dents cannot be pulled, the area needing replaced is a big (costly!) job as on the mk3 model (not sure on others!) the arch is all connected, door columns (?) all the way across the side of the car etc. Op if you want pictures of my arch damage, pm me an email address and ill forward some.
  6. Co op in village be open though, about 7am. Same for the one at bottom of your hill
  7. 9 or 10am one near me ange love so guess yours is same. X
  8. Surely though, the hairdresser is wrong. Just as say a builder would be, if I had him quote me X amount to do a job, he went away with no 'yes' or 'no' (or part payment) but proceeded to buy the materials. Then that would be his silly fault. So although it would've been courteous to give a call, the hairdresser should call her to confirm. Court would laugh them out. What a silly thing to do, in ANY trade. I would never order parts in for someone who hasn't paid a penny or signed a contract. Business doesn't work on trust.
  9. I checked out the website, for Chinese we will drive to Hong Kong house, on Lane top. Always a beautiful meal, never let down by it. And it has a good rating, 4 I think. We also, if we want greasy Chinese, use wonderful on Shiregreen. That has a rating of, 1. Just put me off for life... Thanks for sharing that site!!!
  10. Torla - I missed your update! Can I recommend charity pop n grow to you? They provide free adapted clothes for nicu/scbu etc units that basically allow them to be dressed and not in the way of lines and such things. I have a few friends who work really close with these amazing people. I've joined your page, and if its ok will pass it on to my p'n'g friends? I'm 25+3 now. Baby ok so far, apart from chronic back pain I'm doing well. My other half has to physically pick me out of bed in a morning, and I walk around for a minute or 2 and it eases somewhat but never totally goes away flipping horrible but I guess that's just what happens
  11. Surname is the oh's.. Oh and PT, nothing on my Facebook please about this being a boy we are keeping it a secret We really liked Marcus but people have put us off
  12. Personally I'd stick a hammer through it. That's how you found it, yes?
  13. Bumping this back up! So, I'm on boy number 3 and need names! I have a Charlie Adam *** and I have a James Martin Alfie *** Any suggestions? I like names that 'match' my current boys names so no taytern Luna type names... Anyone? We have spent the past 4 weeks battling names!
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