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  1. I did yeah. I'll try that. I tried to live chat them for help but it was taking forever. Will try again tomorrow. Thank you.
  2. Not that I know. To be honest I haven't used the laptop in about 3 months. I'm giving it to my daughter to use but the security had run out. It does do automatic updates now and then?
  3. Hi Hoping someone can help. I've bought a copy of this internet security, however when I have come to install it on my HP laptop, it says it cant be done due to a version of Windows 10, even though on the back of the pack it states that its compatible? I have tried to live chat to McAfee but no one is responding. Thanks
  4. We used to use wonderful alot but they really let us down once with delivery, ended ringing else where after about an hour and half wait and about 3 phone calls. The Orient at lane top is nice and Shanghai on Buchanan road is lovely (though this is more southey and they don't deliver).
  5. I used to volunteer at an aqua natal class run by midwives at King Edwards swimming baths, but this has now shut down due to lack of funding. Real shame too, as it was a lovely group. Try concord swimming baths, they used to do one. Or ring the leisure centre's and ask if you could attend the normal aqua natal classes, if the instructor knows, she may just tell you to leave certain bits out.
  6. Yes truman. But seems to be only missing black off. It's a Kodak 5250
  7. I did notice that when printing pages from the web, black was missing so I'm hoping it's the black ink. I have bought some so will try that. I'm a nana at times!!
  8. I am trying to print out a document from my laptop and my printer won't print it. It was working fine but now only seems to print out web pages. Any ideas? Thanks
  9. There's the children's information service on Leopold street, if it's still there that is?
  10. http://www.childcare.co.uk/ Try the link
  11. I'm off there next week myself with mother.
  12. Isn't council tax used to pay for the fire/police service, road works, lighting etc. Didn't think we used as a fund to build houses with?
  13. Leopold hotel is very nice and Andrews on chaple walk is also lovely.
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