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  1. Worse than useless when the information they give out is wrong. If they had said diverted along Barnsley Road which they were it would have saved me and many others wasting time waiting at bus stops for non-existent buses and we would have got to work on time.
  2. Ministry of Truth makes an interesting point about the way memory works and that it is quite possible both Keith Wallis and Andrew Mitchell's account is as accurate as their memory allows. http://www.ministryoftruth.me.uk/2014/01/10/plebgate-and-the-illusion-of-memory/ I suspect Andrew Mitchell did use the word "pleb", but he is never going to admit to it and no one will be able to prove he did. Andrew Mitchell is however hardly exonerated by this incident by his own admission he "did not treat the police with the respect they deserved". As for police falsifying information... quelle suprise
  3. It is indeed an odd thing to say. Which is why when you said this.... ... I have been taking issue with it.
  4. Homophobia is a revulsion, a sickness in reaction to homosexuality in others. Why wouldn't those afflicted wanted to be cured?
  5. Why seek to cure something that is not harmful?
  6. Scientists believe things because evidence supports the conclusions. You have yet to provide any evidence to support your racism theory. Here is some further evidence, a study showing that White skin in europeans and in asian populations evolved seperately. Not as you suggest because of prehistoric racism. http://mbe.oxfordjournals.org/content/24/3/710.long
  7. Are those arguing homophobia is genetic hoping for a cure?
  8. Climate causes the genetic mutation within a grouping within the relatively short evolutionary period of 100 generations. http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/channel/a-night-of-exploration/articles/the-human-family-tree-facts/ As I said before, my point stands. There is no need or basis from the evidence you have provided to suggest anyone was outcast in prehistory because of their skin colour. I can find references, but only to outdated theories from evolutionary pyschologists in the 19th and early parts of the 20th century. Nothing but refutations since then. Perhaps you have something more current you could reference?
  9. Skin colour is a climate adaption. You can't draw any conclusions about anyone being outcast due to the colour of their skin back in prehistory, based on the evidence. There is no need for that conclusion from the evidence.
  10. Caucasians aren't however generally endogamous. In the USA for example they had laws to prevent miscegenation. Since the repeal of those laws 93% of mixed race marriages in the US have one of the couple as white. Exogamy is almost univeral across cultures. Endogamy on the other hand is a cultural construct strongest in groups like Jews, Arab Christians, Yazidi Kurds, Mandeans etc The common denominator being that they are displaced cultures trying to preserve their identity. In summary, Genetics provides the reasons to marry outside of the community. It is particular cultural influences that encourage seperation. Whilst these cultural factors are not predictive of racism, they are an influence and a cultural one not a genetic one.
  11. This "only difference" is the most important one when looking at why laws are made and enforced. They are the result of value judgements, a result of moral considerations. Theft, Murder etc etc can all be looked at dispassionately.. without morality none of them would be prohibited. Many as in what? ten people would say Religion is a hate inspired slander to excuse a racial genocide ? However many they are, if any they would be making their claims based on a hugely distorted view.
  12. The difference is obvious. Holocaust denial involves the fabrication of evidence to excuse a racial genocide, the denial of the testimonies of thousands of survivors, their liberators and of the perpetrators. Holocaust denial is a slander against history and against the victims. Whilst the history of religions may well at times be fanciful, especially from an atheist perspective, that is not the moral distinction that informs the different treatment in law. The distinction is motive. Religion is not a hate inspired slander to excuse a racial genocide.
  13. In Hawaii they sell spam, fried scrambled eggs and rice in McDonalds.. http://tastyislandhawaii.com/2012/12/07/mcdonalds-7-eleven-hawaii-hits/
  14. To describe that as a leap of logic doesn't really do it justice...
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