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  1. I didn't think that sounded right either but I assume it is based on this - http://lordashcroftpolls.com/2016/06/how-the-united-kingdom-voted-and-why/ A couple of newspapers have stated these polls are considered to fairly accurate as it is reflective and asked a larger group of people than most.
  2. Now that we know that immigration is likely to remain very similar and the economy is probably going to be in worse state when we are out of the EU (a 0.2% drop in GDP is all it takes to outweigh the net cost of being in the EU for example) it all comes down to regaining complete control of making our own laws. What are the big ones I should be looking out for that we can overturn when the UK government has full control? The ones that make the likely financial turmoil and huge job losses worthwhile? Edit - I just remembered that we can only stop obeying EU laws and have to stop paying into the EU if we get a better deal than other countries that want to be outside but have close ties with the EU like we do (eg Norway / Switzerland). I'll keep a positive outlook though as otherwise it just makes the whole thing seem even more pointless!
  3. Scotland could block UK exit from EU - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-36633244 I don't believe for a second that will happen but its an interesting development that may even have worse consequences than just getting on with it now the decision has been made.
  4. That's probably correct but it wouldn't be unrealistic to suggest that had we voted to remain then things would have carried on much the same as they were. By that I mean coming out the other side of recession with decreasing unemployment and increasing stability.
  5. I'm not particularly bothered if Nigel Farage is liar or not, that's a long way down the list of things that impact my thoughts of him but I did see this yeterday - http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-eu-referendum-nigel-farage-nhs-350-million-pounds-live-health-service-u-turn-a7102831.html
  6. Are leave voters going to accept it was because of the results of the referendum if we end up in recession with unemployment back on the rise in the next few quarters? I saw today that Farage is a predicting a recession but states it will be nothing to do with Brexit. Ok Nigel, you keep telling yourself that!
  7. I wonder how many remain voters are completely pro-eu. I know I'm not I just believe the alternative is worse due to the financial implications over the medium term for a lot of us. Everything leave voters seem to be bothered about has very little effect on me but an uncertain economy for the next few years does. I've no more confidence in our government making decisions that are positive for me than I have in the EU. I'd much rather have had this vote in 10 years when we weren't only just out of recession with things like record low interest rates indicating how precarious our current situation is.
  8. Personally I wouldn't have traded a bit more control on our borders for years of financial pain. The people who will be making the agreements recognise that free movement of labour can't go away. You don't have to be stupid to be lied to. Remember that this decision doesn't mean that us ordinary people are in charge now we've just given all the control to our own government and they've always made decisions in our best interest haven't they!
  9. So 1 day later here is what we know about leaving the EU so far - We might possibly gain some control over our borders but will likely still have free movement of labour with EU countries. People in the leave campaign are now denying it was ever about immigration. We will get a trade deal with the EU that is worse than our current arrangements We have given control of all our spending to the Government who historically focus on the south east We will have at least 3-5 years of uncertainty when nobody can have any idea if any financial decisions they make are going to work out and multinational companies will be looking at anywhere but the UK for investments. We have a massively increased chance of another recession and wide scale job losses and we have guaranteed job losses from the companies that are already planning their exit from the UK. The leave campaign actually did a pretty good job of convincing the ordinary person that it was about stopping immigration and saving £350m a week. 1 day later and we already know that was complete nonsense. It's pretty clever that they have got their own way by tricking people into thinking it was a vote against the establishment when in reality it just gives more control to a different set of people who don't always have the interests of the ordinary person as their main priority. It sort of feels like everybody lost except the small minority who actually knew what they were voting for and are understood the real consequences.
  10. I prefer to plan my future and now I can't plan anything as we can expect years of uncertainty. Any big financial decisions I make now risk everything I've spent the last 20+ years working for as we haven't got a clue what the future holds. I want to move home which always has a level or risk but now all my calculations on affordability are useless as nobody can make any sensible predictions on the next few years.
  11. Probably more than a number of my older work colleagues who voted leave to "stop all those illegal immigrants from coming here".
  12. Good point, all the improvements in the UK in the last 40 years have allowed us all to have our own home and nice things if we want them. Why risk all that with a massive change and a journey into the unknown?
  13. Me personally in the next 6 months - I'm having to take my house off the market as I can't risk a bigger mortgage in such uncertain times, my living expenses are all going up, the company I work for is considering leaving the UK, oh and my holiday just got a lot more expensive. In the long term I've no idea, nobody does. Things had been doing pretty well as they were.
  14. A couple of twitter users have summarised today perfectly for all the under 40s who voted massively in favour of remain - "A generation given everything: free education, golden pensions, social mobility, have voted to strip my generation’s future" "We've lost our future because you wanted to re-live your romanticised past" https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Cls7vB7WkAATVNI.jpg
  15. Hi, I'm looking for someone to repaint exterior render on 3 bed end terrace in Ecclesfield. Also requires some of the render repairing/patching. Would prefer this doing without scaffolding as it would block car access for a number of other houses, but not sure if this is possible. Anyone got someone they would recommend for this type of work? Thanks.
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