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  1. It was Glossop Road Baths for me! I'm down the coast in Perth.
  2. Hi mate, Just dropped in to say hello. Not much changes, I see. I'm on the West Coast these days. I was banned for being cheeky to the mods, but that's all water under the bridge now we've kissed and made up
  3. That's Uriah Heep from their 1970 debut album Very 'eavy...Very 'umble
  4. Within a couple of days of becoming PM, Julia Gillard has come out and admitted she is an atheist, which is great to see. She's the first leader of a western country I can recall who been so refreshingly honest. She stopped short of condoning gay marriage however, which has upset some people. Still, it's a bold start by the Welsh born leader of Australia.
  5. As it says in the Bible "The poor will always be with us.” What the bible doesn't tell us is that the poor always seem to have enough money to spend on booze, fags, unhealthy food and bad taste clothes.
  6. With many women, pets are simply child substitutes.
  7. She couldn't look any more of a dick than Abbott, let's face it! er, let me rephrase that - she couldn't look any worse than this: http://resources2.news.com.au/images/2009/12/03/1225806/772686-tony-abbott.jpg
  8. Good to see you throwing your weight behind the rule of law there bf
  9. She has nicer legs than Rudd, though. It remains to be seen if she can carry off the Speedos look as well(!) as Tony Abbott however
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