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  1. Brilliant, Old Tup-I passed your thoughts on to my Father in law and he had this to say : Hiya, this guy remembers it well, going to the flicks at the Sco was a nightmare for anyone who had actually gone to see the film. I remember that there were people shouting out obscenities too. Won't repeat them here. I got thrown out buy a big bouncer they had there for fighting with another Ted. Going back to tales of the Coronation Cafe, He has reminded me of the pie & peas, how could I forget? They were delicious and we had them regularly. I'm also reminded of Horace in his bow tie, yeah they were great times. The picture house behind the Infirmary was called the Oxford and was across from the Upperthorpe Library baths & wash house,
  2. Hi, I am going to copy your post to my Father in law who was in the 'Kelvin Gang' and was a Teddy Boy at the same time as you, he is going to love your memories, if you remember anything else please add it. He has been telling me lots about going to the Roscoe or 'Sco' as he calls it. He was saying that they used to hang off the balcony as it was very low, also used to sneak in and out and generally annoy the usher/ette They always hung around in the coronmation cafe. I will include an excerpt of what he had to say about the Roscoe, hope it sparks more memories for you : Roscoe was unusual inasmuch that the balcony, was ony about 8 feet high, and when we couldn't get in downstairs we used to wait while the second half, we used to jump over the balcony to get among our gang mates who were down below. There used to be two houses then, one at 6.oo pm. Then one at 8.00. PM (same film) so you could stay in and watch the film over again. I recall how 'our' often about 9 or 10 Ted's. At some point during the film, we would all light a fag up, and blow huge volumes of smoke up into the projection beam. Certainly caused a fog. I recall that at the Unity cinema at the top of Wood St (higher up Infirmary Rd on the left) we would go down the queue and tell everyone to go to the toilet (which was behind the screen on the left) at 9.O clock. It became known as the 9 o clock walk, and caused quite a stir with about fifty or sixty Ted all blocking the aisles etc. We got away with it for a couple of weeks, then one night as we marched down the aisle towards the screen and the toilet, the attendants opened the side door, and we were shepherded out into the street, but it was a good laugh while it lasted. I feel sorry now, for the poor folk who had paid to actually see the film. Because mostvweeks it was absolute mayhem, with Ted's fighting with attendants and people shouting out obscenities during the film. How cinema going has changed. But we didn't have much else back then.
  3. I don't know, I am asking for my FIL who was reminiscing about his Teddy boy days and wondered if anyone remembered it. Although it was 1956 he went there and the owner was called Horace and wore a white jacket, I suppose like Italian coffee bars of that era !
  4. Does anyone remember this cafe? It was a haunt for teddy boys and was meeting place for the Kelvin gang of teds in 1956 were you one of them, do you know anyone who was? and do you remember this coffee bar ?
  5. Hi All, My sister urgently needs a removals company to move her house contents from Northumberland to Sheffield, THIS Friday, as it has turned out to be VERY short notice she is having a difficult time getting someone. Are there any removals guys reading this, or do you know someone with a removals firm ? Apologies if I've put this in the wrong section. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi , My elderly Mum is having British Gas round with a view to replace her Gas CH boiler, they are coming today, and she will not decide there and then, but I just wondered if anyone could give me a sort of up to date approx cost for both traditional and combi.I don't live near her and want to prevent her being ripped off. So if anyone out there has had this work done fairly recently, or any fitters etc could just give me an off the top of the head idea, that would be good, then when she tells me what they have priced it at, I can advise her. Thanks for reading.
  7. Thank you hauxwell for your kind words, I just wanted to raise a bit of awareness. I'm not sure if this ;post will get lost among the many others I just thought it deserved a chance, so Thank you.
  8. Have you ever eaten fresh or frozen prawns etc where the label says 'Fished in Scotland' ? Then chances are they will have come from the crystal waters of Loch Fyne. I lived in the village from where this fleet of fishing boats comes from and it was with great sadness that I heard that on the 18th January a boat called the 'Nancy Glen' (TT100) capsized. One man was rescued, but two , it's thought, remained trapped on the boat. Of course it is a tight knit village , and though being Sheffielders, we were made very welcome there , everybody knows everybody and it was so sad for us as we know one of the men and the families involved. I just wanted to say how it's easy to forget what a hard job fishing is, out in dangerous conditions in all weathers, BUT...what I wanted to say that is out of this tragedy has come something mighty and good. The little community has come together and started a massive fundraising campaign, everyone is involved and everyone is desperate to help to raise funds to allow the boat to be brought to the surface so that the families can have closure and the children are able to start the grieving process. So, next time you eat some lovely seafood, please spare a thought for these men, and if you want something to uplift you today, go read some of the stories of support. If you could donate even something small that would be great, but if not, just keep them in your thoughts. I'm not sure I can leave a link here, if the mods will let me, but just in case they remove the link, you can find it by typing in 'Crowd funding for the Nancy Glen families' and google will find it. Apologies for blethering on, but it's very affecting when you know the people involved. Thanks for reading. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/nancyglencampaign ---------- Post added 27-01-2018 at 11:21 ---------- Forgot to say..Here is the story of above. On the 18th of January 2018 the Nancy Glen fishing boat of Tarbert was tragically taken by the West Coast of Scotland waters it fished. One fisherman survived, sadly the two other crew Duncan MacDougall and Przemek Krawczyk have not been found although it's thought they were on the vessel which now lies on the seabed. The families wish to retrieve their loved ones as soon as possible,which will take great resource. In addition the fishermen have left wives and young children behind. The Clyde Fishermen want to help do all they can to assist these families at this time and in the future. We ask for support in this task. Please give generously so that these families may lay their men to rest and that their children are supported through the tough times ahead.
  9. Ha, Hello you lot, Mel, Cressy, agent etc. Hope you're all doing ok. I did not defect to Facebook, I am that Alien life form that refuses to have a FB account, I guess I am officially strange ! Happy Christmas to you all !
  10. Yeah I take your point Jim, I just find it odd that it's not listed anywhere in the same way as your extensive 'Dandy' list, I have looked at Beezer and Topper lists but it's not included anywhere which I thought was weird !
  11. Thank you so much Sharrowyank and Ontarian for your replies,yez,there were pith helmets etc,oh I can't tell you the relief that someone else remembers,there is Nothing about those characters online.
  12. I was recently having a discussion about old comics in the sixties and seventies, and by this I mean kid's paper comics, not the likes of Ken Dodd et al ! Thinking back to how politically incorrect they were, so for instance they had fat kids, ugly kids, spotty kids, kids who walked funny, inferior Dad's, battleaxe mothers, thiefs, delinquent kids etc, well you get the picture. However, for a short period in the sixties I seem to remember there was a cartoon strip called 'The Pygmies' or something like that. Basically they were an African tribe, they had spears and grass skirts. I seemed to think they were in the early Beezer or Topper comics, which were quite large and sort of the size and shape of a Tabloid newspaper. So, just to prove to myself that this was true, I have googled it in so many ways, and it's like it has been airbrushed out of history, I can't find it listed in any series of characters from the comics. Does anyone out there remember it? I'm talking maybe a short period from say 1965 to maybe 1969/70 ??? ---------- Post added 17-10-2017 at 14:52 ---------- Please don't say no one remembers
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