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  1. I've been in here and they are amazing, ever colour and type of wool you can imagine and a very pleasant, knowledgeable lady too
  2. Nope, tidy but lived in Next poster is working tomorrow
  3. They certainly did but they are shut at present for refurbishment
  4. Nope cos I don't watch football! Next poster thinks England will win the World Cup!
  5. Hell no, the only time I ever climbed a tree well over 30 years ago was very much with my eyes open, still didn't stop me falling out and landing flat on my back! Same question
  6. Make the most of me Padds, I'll be heading out soon!
  7. Nope Next poster has been up the Effel Tower
  8. And what an appearance that was - well over 12 hours!!!!! :clap::clap:
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