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  1. Hi Forum crafty folks Just like to say how wonderful this shop is at 58Bellhouse Road. I had problems sourcing a particular wool - googled Sheffield wool shops and rang wonderful Marilyn and she had it. They've been there 80 years! - started by her grandfather in 1938. Loads of stock, not the specialist and expensive yarns, I would say, but all the same... and she is so helpful. So njice to think it;s still going after surviving dips in knitting interest over the years. She says her furthest customer had come from Sweden, was taking some wool to Cinciatti, then calling in agin on the way home to Sweden. Ppeople find her from all over the country. Please support her and say hello.
  2. Hello Scout archivist Please does "Scouts" include Cubs too?
  3. I was at Hucklow 1955 -61. ( lat 2 years in Mrs Shaw's class.) Mr Sisk was very scary and his torture scars and direct manner made him seem larger than life, but I recall him teaching us to recite RL Stevenson,s lovely poem From A Railway Carriage over and over again very dramatically until we could do it - great teaching! I bumped into him, quite elderly and even more wrinkled, on his motor scoter in the 80s as he lived near me, and he seemed a very nice man. Wish I could have talked to him more about those days. Mrs Shaw (ex Miss Farmer ) could be quite viscious and ruler you at a moment's notice, but she got lots of us through the 11+ and I admit I was later grateful for that, ( since I enjoyed my secondary school)very much).. whatever the morality of selective schools and the things we DIDN'T seem to do at at school. She later had a craft shop at the town end of London Road. I was the scorer for the Rounders team and she threatened me with the sack from that job for once talking in class! I can remember lots from those days - lots of skipping; terrible big wax crayons; Time and Tune and the BBC nature programmes where you were allowed to buy the colour programme at end of term for 3d. swimming at Sutherland Road baths, snaking down the road, the front room shop at the top of Ellerton where you cold get a penny Tizer (in a sherry glass?!), yummy scraps from the chippie opposite on a Friday. I myself never had a school din. at Hucklow, always went home, but was fascinated by the comments about school peas like bullets. It seemed that all our teachers had comic names that could be parodied - Cornflake from Cornthwaite, Toes, Carding- Wells etc. Anyway that's enough for now. I only know 2 girls from my class now even though am still in Sheffield and have been continuously.
  4. I have a commemorative Scout mug from 1957, (handle missing) with a rose on it with " 1857 - 1907 - 1957" on it that you can have if you want it for the archive. My husbands father was a Badge officer for the Scouts for many years. I live in Walkley now. Any interest? On the other side of the mug it says "Sutton Coldfield"
  5. Many thanks for your prompt reply, Rob - very helpful. Interesting. It's wonderful that we can enjoy art in the landscape in this way - shame about the thefts, but probably no surprise. At least the figures themselves haven't been lifted.
  6. Hi there Our walking group was doing this part of The Sheffield Way and came across these metal human sculptures in different positions that you mention, near Kimberworth - very nice , all the better for being a surprise - I can't find any reference to them.. does anyone know any more, please?
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