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  1. I never said they wouldn't be getting paid, I said they wouldn't be getting paid anymore! ---------- Post added 25-01-2018 at 20:22 ---------- Isn't it Amey that have to clean it all up? ---------- Post added 25-01-2018 at 20:25 ---------- The fact that you read a post, that has totally took another one out of context, is saying something!
  2. The green triangles are one of my favs too! I've been meaning to get a box of Quality St from Poundland . They're only £2!
  3. Black. As they go with everything else I’m wearing.
  4. Well it would appear that WH Smith’s is closing on Fargate.
  5. Want to know who I feel sorry for? The people who have to clean up all the mess, once it's over. They won't be getting paid anymore. Probably have to work twice as hard tho.
  6. The ones local to city centre will, or would have, in previous years. Anyway, the tea party's in Hillsborough, so hope fully they'll make some money instead. The local businesses in Hillsborough that is, is, as opposed to the snooty ones on Devision St. ---------- Post added 22-01-2018 at 15:35 ---------- A profit, yes. How much, debatable .
  7. I can’t see that, some how. I’m very greatful for what I have, but even so. And not to mention, most of these people will lord it over everyone else, and think they’re superior. My last painting was about rich, arrogant people.
  8. I can completely believe that. it's really sickening isn't it !
  9. Does that mean you’ve got a drill?
  10. I like chocolate, but I'm not parting with any of my knick knacks .
  11. You could build them a little house!
  12. A little spider put up a flat pack from ikea? Can't see that happening . I like spiders anyway .
  13. Spiders go out the window. I'm rubbish at DIY.
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