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  1. I am looking for evidence of where the Sheffield townhall was situated before the present building on pinstone street.
  2. I have just been browsing through a calender featuring pictures of Sheffield in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century and was trying place a year when the townhall was built. Thankyou in advance and A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE.
  3. Having walked round the town centre on Saturday I was amazed the amount of scaffolding round several buildings.The scaffold wrapped around WHSmiths seems to have been there forever. I cant help thinking it must be bad planning on behalf of either the town-planners or the shop-owners to have this set of obstacles and eyesores on the busy streets at this time of year/Does anyone else feel the same as me.
  4. Having family connections in Denmark my wife and I have spent twenty years driving across Europe and can safely say that the Scandinavian model of having your lights on 24 7 is the best law imaginable and why it hasn't become law in this country is difficult to understand. The UK is virtually on the same latitude as Denmark and the benefits of see and being seen is a no-brainer.Just lately with dark early- evenings low cloud fog and wet roads casting shadows making visibility far less reliable. Next time you are out on the road just try and take in the benefits of being able to see much easier than you would if you didn't and the car coming towards you didn't and you may take my point.
  5. Picked up on this info with someone calling at my house asking to sign a petition objecting to plans for a permanent site with facilities hard-standing,washrooms etc etc.Having looked up this info via the Sheffield planning applications I discovered that any objections to this development was to be forwarded between the 8th to the 30 th of march and that all the local residents within a reasonable catchment area would be informed.As we have had no correspondence of any kind and living just a short distance away buth my family and all my neighbours are perturbed to say the least.Has anyoneelse heard or knows anything re this application?? Thanks in advance.
  6. Just a small point re the attractiveness or otherwise of Sheffield. I was told by someone in the know that Sheffield is the city where most students choose to stay, live and work after their graduation.
  7. Has anyone got a viable remedy for preventing cats from fouling my garden as I have tried a variety of recommended remedies none of witch has made any difference. It really is a problem that could be decided by a change in the law requiring owners to be made responsible for their "pets". Can anyone tell me why a cat that causes more damage to the environment through fouling and the slaughter of litteraly thousands or maybe even millions of garden birds every year has the right to roam when a dog must be kept on a lead. I would be pleased to hear where the RSPCA stand on this point as I am sure I am not the onlyone driven almost to distraction by this ongoing problem. Thanks in advance for any realistic solution.
  8. Walking through Endciffe park today I came across a plaque dedicated to a crew of US airmen who were killed when their plane crashed in the park in feb 1944. I had never heard of this before despite living in the sharrow ara most of my early life. Any info on this topic will be much appreciated. Mant thanks. Michael Howson..
  9. Hi All. I have a few items of river fishing tackle whichI no longer use or need.IE. A couple of old rods,feeders ,leads,line and odds and ends. They are usable and can be collected almost any time by calling. Call me on 0114 2694028. Thankyou. ---------- Post added 08-11-2014 at 09:27 ---------- Thanks for your interest but it has now been collected.
  10. Well done Kell Brook. A tight decision but a good one .All the clean punches and superior boxing skills made the difference.Thanks Jim Watt for nothing. Just glad he was a mouthpiece and not a judge.
  11. I cant help but mention that there will be more than a few drivers on here that will have been around when some of the roads mentioned on this thread were and I quote "resurfaced". some of the trouble stem from the fact that the quality of the work is so bad it resembles putting lipstick on a corpse IE useless.
  12. Please excuse my ignorance but can anyone tell me what is meant by spot fixing??? Thanks in advance
  13. Thanks Itrytoplease. Just as a coincidence I was in Smedleys factory shop a couple of years ago and never thought about the connection so cheers for the info .Mick.
  14. Hi All Can anyone tell me where the term long johns when reffering to long legged underpants originated Thanks in advance.
  15. when you dreamt up this post were you feeling down in the mouth????
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