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  1. I agree with Mmitchell, never unibond new plastered walls prior to painting, as it seals the surface, thus not allowing the first coat to penetrate the plasters surface and become a solid base.
  2. Light and bright always looks neutral, and can always be left for a while when first moved into, good old magnolia. My other advice is, make sure the smell of paint has dispersed before showing anyone round, the smell of fresh paint does start some alarm bells ringing with folk. Are the sellers hiding something??? etc
  3. Screwfix have the dehumidifier we have but 50 quid cheaper, 79.99 a12 litres model works fab.
  4. My first car was a mk 1 Escort, blue over silver, n reg and i took and past my test in it ,in 1987, brill car for £550.
  5. Thanks for that Charliewag,where is newbiggin? little Howbrook, is that on the road to mcdonalds at tankersley roundabout.
  6. Hi, after just getting my new licence, my 8 year old wants to go fishing, any ideas where to take him? Somewhere ,where we can catch, and get the interest started so he wont get to bored. We are in s35, so dont want to travel to far, is the don classed as closed season until the 15th june. Hope someone can help cheers.
  7. Didnt know that Markus66, thanks for the advice.
  8. Its nice to know, some good people are still around.
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