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  1. Just wondered if the underpinning was anything to worry about or brick wrap around Can't seem to find anything out thought someone may have had this done
  2. So we have seen a pre war prefab house with a brick wrap around for sale Cash only I asked agents why not mortgage able as has brick says only a couple of lenders will mortgage one is Halifax but you have to meet a criteria She says it was wrapped and underpinned 10 years ago,owner has all paperwork none of the other houses on road have it done What's people's thoughts on this?
  3. He’s been and returned it it’s all scratched I don’t want to plug it in so had to put it all outside for scrap man live and learn had a week from hell he was a rude and a scary man I feel safer to leave my house now least it was only £40 many thanks to SYP they were so good 😊
  4. Totally agree the oven was working when I sold it I have text him told him he can have the full refund keep oven and hob and never contact or return to my house again
  5. He’s said he will see me in court as he’s taking me to small claims court and says that will end up costing me a fortune He still has the oven in his possession
  6. Called police they told him go away and if he comes back will be arrested breach of peace he’s now saying he’s taking me to small claims court for the £40 and faulty oven I can’t close my Shpock account it’s first time Iv ever sold anything I’m shocked I sell I working oven and have all this never again police have told me not to reply to him so now I’m scared to leave the house wth
  7. So they have been to my house banging on the door ringing bell etc Iv stayed indoors scared what do I do?
  8. Iv no way of knowing that’s why I have said no refund Iv no way of knowing if it’s same oven been dropped or anything
  9. Electric oven has hob only taken out yesterday morning I’d used it the night before as well for our tea so I know it was working
  10. It was an oven and hob he claims the oven doesn’t work I told him it worked when it left mine i don’t know if he has dropped it or changed his mind etc I don’t want it back he could have done anything to it
  11. So I sold a working item for £40 the buyers waited four hours messaged me saying it doesn’t work and will be back for a refund Iv told him no as was working when it left me he says he will wait at my house all day for his refund in full i have contacted Shpock had no reply I’m now scared to return home after work what can I do?
  12. We are looking for a qualified surveyor or a recommendation to get a house we are buying surveyed please
  13. we have just had our house valued and are thinking of selling however the agent wants over 3k to sell our house seen lots of fixed price ones etc are they any good? do they all have to come out and value house? is it just a case of getting onto rightmove?
  14. So why are other buisness on Google listed as Sheffield no postcode and no address? IV seen a lot of buisness same
  15. I am a sole trader running a small business happy to share my address with website customers just don't want any Tom Dick or harry at my door I live in a small village and alone with my three small kids and cats so I am worried about security. I have asked Google they say only I can edit the address they can't do it but when I remove my road and village leaving the town it's asking me to verify and add an address
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