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  1. We are looking for a qualified surveyor or a recommendation to get a house we are buying surveyed please
  2. we have just had our house valued and are thinking of selling however the agent wants over 3k to sell our house seen lots of fixed price ones etc are they any good? do they all have to come out and value house? is it just a case of getting onto rightmove?
  3. jennycakes

    Help with googles business listing

    So why are other buisness on Google listed as Sheffield no postcode and no address? IV seen a lot of buisness same
  4. jennycakes

    Help with googles business listing

    I am a sole trader running a small business happy to share my address with website customers just don't want any Tom Dick or harry at my door I live in a small village and alone with my three small kids and cats so I am worried about security. I have asked Google they say only I can edit the address they can't do it but when I remove my road and village leaving the town it's asking me to verify and add an address
  5. had a upvc company knock on the door quoted £185 for each side?? wondered why you would only have one side sounded a con so walked away
  6. hi i have a google business page and im wanting to not show my address and village just show the town i have ticked the box to say i serve customers at there address no one comes to my home any tips please would be welcome
  7. jennycakes

    Advise our plum tree covered in ants

    No greenfly just loads of ants
  8. We cut the plum tree and past years no fruit as ants all over tried usual powder.sticky tape on tree to no avail Thinking of removing the tree as can't stop ants any suggestions?
  9. Moved into an end terrace house and had the dry ridge repointed 3 times in 2 yrs it's cracked yet again and I'm scared birds maybe in there the loft is a large store room. Has anyone else had the upvc put in? Or do i need to keep having repointed?
  10. jennycakes

    EBay help please

    IV already opened a dispute,IV told seller he needs to fill a form for undelivered items he says we will see what eBay says 17th march
  11. jennycakes

    EBay help please

    It was sent via royal mail tracked service No signature IV had a few orders returned to sender a day after seller has posted to me,just never a tracked item All the info is that it was delivered to my address or with a neighbour
  12. jennycakes

    EBay help please

    I ordered an item via eBay shops It never arrived I inboxed seller Says it's been delivered According to tracking number it's been delivered to my house or a neighbour I asked neighbour nothing IV no card through letterbox seller asked me to open a dispute I have I am honest I have emailed royal mail as a few packages not tracked have never arrived here I'm awaiting a reply I have to wait till eBay look into this march 17th. Meanwhile IV had to purchase another item so I'm out of pocket How do I stand with eBay?
  13. Hi we have just had a multi burner stove installed We have burned wood but would like to try coal? Can anyone help by telling me what type of coal and where we can get it please? We are in a smokeless zone
  14. My mum has bought seat pads in this design and wanting matching items They are from dunelm I have tried eBay with no luck Any ideas please

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