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  1. Ending a border iv bought some flame red and sunset red both are pink when dry and red when wet,I'm wanting red all the time Been all over to garden centres to no avail
  2. So I have some red chippings bought 3 bags from local garden centre pink when dry and only red when wet. Been to Birley garden centre another 6 bags again all pink dry and red when wet How and where do I get red pure red when dry chippings from ???
  3. So I am looking to travel to Ireland to visit a sick family member, Iv never travelled alone before,I'm going to book a flight from Manchester to cork unsure whether to have one night over there or two, Any advise re taxis,hotels etc,do's and don't 's Thanks
  4. Fully Insured over 10 years experience pet first aid trained free meet and greets Covering some areas of Sheffield and Chesterfield https://uk.catinaflat.com/pet-sitter/363298
  5. So I started a part time job 2nd April Not sure when I get paid my contract states a month in arrears what does this mean?when can I expect a wage? You are only entitled to be paid in respect of the hours that you do work Payment will be made in monthly in arrears on or before the last working day of each month for the month up to and including that day. Payment will be made by direct into your account.
  6. Hi so I have joined on the 14 day trial and searching for a relative I believe is still alive and in Sheffield My first question is there only ancestry I can join? There are a lot of people with same name how do I get more details? Hoping you helpful people can help thanks
  7. Thanks I really don't like it not sure what to do with it lol
  8. So I have a picture was left in a house I have bought prev owners said they purchased it whilst on a cruise its rhapsody by zoe mac Its not my taste I don't like pic or frame and thought I may sell it on It has a cert of authentication on back and it's something like 560 of 850 It's fairly large How do I find out if its worth anything or where to sell it on?
  9. I have a double mattress and base needing to go to the tip, I fostered a cat and it has peed on the mattress unfortunately it's ruined beds only 2yrs old I don't have a car So need someone to take it to a tip please I'm in s21 area of Sheffield
  10. Tried most rescues mainly black or black and white cats,my prev was black so don't want another too upsetting
  11. Looking for a cat or kitten to join our home Pref looking for a grey and white one,was let down by someone last weekend with one This will be a family pet and have a 5 star home and be vet registered neuted etc Please inbox with details thanks
  12. Thanks so much everyone for your replies we will keep looking for a brick built house 🏠
  13. Just wondered if the underpinning was anything to worry about or brick wrap around Can't seem to find anything out thought someone may have had this done
  14. So we have seen a pre war prefab house with a brick wrap around for sale Cash only I asked agents why not mortgage able as has brick says only a couple of lenders will mortgage one is Halifax but you have to meet a criteria She says it was wrapped and underpinned 10 years ago,owner has all paperwork none of the other houses on road have it done What's people's thoughts on this?
  15. He’s been and returned it it’s all scratched I don’t want to plug it in so had to put it all outside for scrap man live and learn had a week from hell he was a rude and a scary man I feel safer to leave my house now least it was only £40 many thanks to SYP they were so good 😊
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