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  1. What wing belongs Islamic extremism to? I'm just asking because from your link: "Islamist jihadism is still by far globally the biggest threat people face".
  2. AFAIK, she claimed that, police disagreed and it was discussed over the court. Of course, if she feels mistreated she can push it to the European court. At the moment, I don't see a reason not to trust the judge.
  3. The investigation of the rape was dropped. On the other hand, the girl got a suspended sentence for false accusations. The only victim here are those guys.
  4. Soleimani himself was a terrorist. He's dead now. Nothing wrong with that.
  5. "most violent crime, including murder, is committed in the heat of the moment, without premeditation and often by people who are drunk, drugged or both." Your own words.
  6. I'd say that changing the lyrics is added complexity. It's not rational approach.
  7. It is another option but you've essentially created a new song, so it doesn't concern the original song. And it's not the most simple option. One could argue that by changing one word the song is of different meaning. What if there's a kid refusing to sing a new song because he/she considers it disrespectful to his/hers beliefs?
  8. Would you force a kid to sing a song if he/she doesn't want to? That's not how inclusion works, does it? There are only two choices for singing a song - to sing it or not to sing it. It's that simple. You include those who want to sing it and you don't include those that don't want to sing it. Logically, there's no other option. And that's just fair and also demonstrates perfect equality.
  9. No, it doesn't matter. I have the most simple solution to this "issue": 1. Sing a song. 2. Don't sing a song. I believe my solution is inclusive and acceptable for everyone.
  10. Yes, you can argue that sex and gender are different concepts. Point is, gender identity might not be fully developed until adulthood. No reason for reassigning gender identity of kids. Maybe he's just not comfortable with calling them "they". Why should his discomfort be less important than their preference?
  11. I didn't to much statistical analysis here, I simply stated the fact - all convicted terrorists since 2000 in UK are Muslims. That perfectly illustrates their over-representation. Previous claim that number of Muslim terrorists is negligible (or tiny) is simply false. Feel free to present more facts and statistics!
  12. What's there to understand? Parents imposing personality disorders on their kids?
  13. One of many: People convinced under Terrorism Acts since 2000: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_people_convicted_under_Terrorism_Acts_in_the_United_Kingdom 42 people, 100 % muslims.
  14. Except that number is not tiny at all - both absolutely and relatively speaking.
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