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  1. I don't know, man. Something is telling me, that torture is bad. I don't know if it's DNA speaking or my brain but I certainly hear that!
  2. Yeah, that makes a difference, fair enough! Thanks!
  3. Ok, one more time. How's the app different to: https://crisisresponse.google/emergencylocationservice/how-it-works/
  4. I believe there are already emergency apps that automatically share your (GPS) location to the services called and don't require any internet connection. I'm not sure about the UK but it's fairly standard at other EU countries.
  5. That's false. And I've also given you counter example above. And just for you, I'll add another one - Amputation will always cause trauma to the patients. So let's perform that without anesthesia because patients will suffer anyway.
  6. Oh, I can already picture this: emergency services: "What is your location, sir?" me: "Just a second, I need to connect to this useful website but my 3G connection is a bit slow, sorry about that." emergency services: "..." me: "Alright, the 3 word code is triskaidekaphobia, antidisestablishmentarianism, euouae" emergency services: "Can you spell it for me, please?"
  7. So you don't have any. Any relevant comments on meat production and animal cruelty?
  8. Do you have any source? I don't think I've ever seen some real numbers. And still, this is certainly not true for subset of gang-related grooming. Anyway, this is a discussion for another time, we should stay on topic.
  9. Well, if certain groups are over-represented in these actions they deserve some extra attention. Whether that is child abuse, animal cruelty...
  10. No. Absolutely irrelevant. I don't have to be a vegetarian/vegan to be concerned about animal cruelty. It's as stupid as claiming vegetarians/vegans don't have the right to criticize bad farming practice.
  11. Perhaps you'd like to share a proof that Curt Schilling is a Hitler lover?
  12. Or they just misunderstood the term:
  13. Don't strawman me, Mel. I've never claimed that meat production needs less resources. My point is that at the moment, we can't abandon meat consumption completely. Therefore, to feed the population (globally) we need to kill animals. And if we need to kill animals, the least cruel methods of killing are desirable. Not true: http://www.fao.org/3/x6909e/x6909e04.htm Sure, see my reply above - if we establish that killing an animal is an act of cruelty, we need to act cruel to suppress population hunger.
  14. "However, when the line is crossed from being funny to abusive, we do have to make sure we are responsible and remind people to be careful about what they write on social media." I'd like the police to clarify where is the crossing between funny and abusive.
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