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  1. Branyy

    BBC Bias - "Accidental" Gaffes

    Not worth writing to BBC. We just have to get used to the fact that they sometimes act as a bunch of hunts.
  2. Branyy

    living in poverty

    Isn't such definition completely useless? Even if we'd doubled everyone's income, the number of people living in poverty wouldn't change at all. 🙄
  3. Branyy

    Freedom of religion - no

    I respect your opinion, many year ago I would've shared the same view. But my experiences are different. I've been always working in multicultural teams and most of the time there was no issue with anyone's religion, beliefs and habits. Well, until it happened once and powerlessness of the staff and tiptoeing of supervisors struck me. And only after that I've learned that such issues are not that uncommon as I thought.
  4. Branyy

    Freedom of religion - no

    Yep, I love coffee and take coffee breaks at work. However, I don't accommodate my work schedule to my coffee breaks. I take my breaks only if my current work task allows it and most importantly, only if it doesn't interfere with work of my colleagues.
  5. Branyy

    Freedom of religion - no

    So, I was asked to clarify my post no. 17, long time ago. Of course, writing that post, I had muslim customs in my mind. Simply because it's usually muslims who take prayer breaks. I admit, as an atheist, I'm not familiar with all the religious customs. If there are other religions that require regular prayer breaks, my post apply to those also - no difference to me! To those who compared prayer breaks to smoke breaks - you're quite correct. Smoke breaks are driven by addiction of smokers (and as we all learned in one of the previous threads here - addiction is a disease). I'm glad you see the link.
  6. Branyy

    Freedom of religion - no

    Yes, safety could be at risk. That's the point. Or, to prevent this risk, non-praying doctors have to compensate for absence. Just because some staff put religious believes about work standards. And please, take your buzzwords somewhere else. There's nothing racist about it, try educate yourself on the topic. Tell me, are we allowed to criticise just Christianity?
  7. Branyy

    Freedom of religion - no

    I agree. And this should also apply to medical staff that regularly decides to take prayer breaks during treatment of patient. However, this issue always remains overlooked.
  8. Branyy


    Strange, isn't it? Considering the amount of violent Jewish attacks on our society. Oh, wait! Exactly, there's no way that police wouldn't act appropriately without being afraid of being accused of racism. Oh, wait again!
  9. Branyy

    Danny Baker? Racist or Misguided Fool?

    Looking at classic Banksy artwork, it just occurred to me that the monkey resemblance could actually originate from the other half of the family...
  10. Branyy

    Danny Baker? Racist or Misguided Fool?

    I see the problem in people who project their own racist perception (monkey = black) onto someone else's intention.
  11. Branyy

    Gender Fluid, Opinions?

    Which link was it? Sorry, I'm already a bit lost in this thread but I'd like to read that.
  12. Or perhaps he already has another dinner plans with his Hamas or IRA friends.
  13. Obviously, the comparison was made figuratively, no need to hang on to that.
  14. Branyy

    LGBT issues and morality

    I'll be happy to answer you, Top Cats Hat: Yes. Bad taste joke, but I'd defend their right. Yes, if the misinformation doesn't come from medical professional/organisation. The biggest problem in this case are people believing the misinformation, I'd personally propose other mechanisms to fight this than taking someone's right to spread (even false) opinions. Yes, if there's no crime committed (e.g. threats, stalking, harassing, ...) Again, yes, if there's no crime committed.

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