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  1. Before playing favourite race card, it'd be helpful if the OP provided some context of the article. Or better - linked the original article.
  2. Regarding the terrorism in UK, I find a major problem in radicalization of British-born muslims. Maybe we could discuss this in another topic so I'm not accused of deflecting here Regarding the Reading's case, part of the problems seems to be not employing proper asylum/immigration policy.
  3. I think the problem in UK lies somewhere else and deflecting to other problems isn't really helping.
  4. And those people would have been probably right. He probably wasn't on the MI5 radar because of throwing out a TV. I think the latest news said that he possibly wanted to travel to Syria to fight. Another thing that strikes me - he was an asylum seeker and already been in jail.
  5. We could say that every terrorist is mentally unstable, couldn't we? That would reduce the terrorism, right? Anyway, the terrorism in UK is defined by terrorism act. If this case fulfills the definition, it is terrorism. Simple as that.
  6. Yes, I deliberately omitted racism. Common decency or snobbery is rather subjective. Racism is not and surely doesn't deserve any platform. But again, the term racism is often used very loosely (this forum is an example) and not everything that is labeled as such is actual racism. (E.g calling some African country a hole is not racists).
  7. Yes, that's my personal perception when I encounter the term "hate speech". See, I wouldn't call lack of decency and snobbery "hate speech".
  8. I'm aware of what free speech means. I'm not disputing Twitter's decision, I don't know what their rules are, I don't really care, and it's a private platform anyway. My point is that labeling something as "hate speech" is very vague and in most cases it sounds like "opinions that oppose mine".
  9. I don't think I've read all her comments on that but from what I've read - no, I don't agree with her. Although I think she had one valid comment regarding the overuse of antidepressants. In any case, I wouldn't call it "hate speech".
  10. Umm, thanks for sharing general description of hate crime. Now can you explain how does it apply to "hate SPEECH"?
  11. It would be helpful if we had an exact definition of "hate speech".
  12. One would say it's almost the same as deflecting to colonization times
  13. Some planning protests, some planning riots, some planning rallies...
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