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  1. Difficult to prove, easy to accuse of. Btw, number of convictions in UK is about 2000 (for the year of 2019), number of prosecutions about 3000.
  2. Maybe they just want to hold someone a mirror? Perhaps they've studied population composition and statistics in more details? Or the topics are affecting them personally due to their experience? Who knows... and why is it even important?
  3. Sure. As I've said - Muslim men are over represented in grooming gangs. No point in disputing the facts.
  4. They are highly over represented in gang rapes. “Yes Pakistani men are disproportionately involved in grooming gangs and this particular model of abuse. And no that is not a racist statement. Neither is it racist to say that when it comes to wider child abuse nearly 90 per cent of those convicted and on the sex offenders register are white men.” Naz Shah MP, 12 August 2017
  5. Let's be correct here - he's been convicted for two out of five charges. Therefore it seems that SOME accusations were not justified.
  6. V Good for victims that justice has been served. But calling this "a victory for the #MeToo movement"? He was cleared from three other counts.
  7. Of course she is entitled to her opinion. Everyone is. I'm certainly not defending the approach as you've mentioned "oh thatss my opinion and I'm entitled to it and you are being unreasonable for saying it's wrong so jog on". How I see it is more like "that's my opinion, I'm entitled to it, you can say it's wrong - you SHOULD say it's wrong if you're reasonable and I want to hear your reasons". Now, the discussion can be held on anything, even scientific topics (I'd say especially on those). Let's have a look at your example. I also have an opinion on nuclear power. My opinion is backed up by science too. I am aware that many people might not understand the implications of nuclear physics though. I'd welcome questions from those people and I'd do my best to explain my knowledge and understandings. Also, safety of nuclear power is reasonable topic for scientific discussion - I can imagine that research is constantly coming with more detailed information and we should update our knowledge. Surely, you can have your opinion on vaccination. Do you think they are harmful? I can explain why you're wrong. I can even explain it in public debate - by giving you reasons and showing evidence! Not by shutting you down with "you're wrong, go get a new opinion". Btw, everytime new vaccine is developed it undergoes series of trials and assessments, during which doctors are encouraged to voice their concerns and opinions, until enough evidence is gathered. It's perfectly fine to ask for this evidence. She stated her opinion. That's fine. She can have it. You think her opinion is racist. You're wrong, her opinion doesn't even concern any specific race. You (and others) think she's wrong - well show her why. You think immigrants contribute more than they take? Nothing easier than showing those numbers and studies (if you have it). Shutting her down and simple saying "you're wrong, get a new opinion" doesn't achieve anything at all. Such a response is totally irrelevant and useless. You've said she's racist. With no evidence, no facts, no reasoning. You've just repeated that three times - that doesn't make it true.
  8. She asked a question and stated her anti-immigration opinion. The question was completely valid and she's entitled to have her opinion without being called a racist.
  9. Dear Baron 99, This is how I would address a business email to you. Calling you by your first name/nickname that you were given and you keep using is neither offensive nor overly familiar. In this way, I am also avoiding using gender related pronouns and status related titles (such as Miss, Mrs.) which are totally irrelevant to most of the businesses. Thank you for understanding. Sincerely, Branyy.
  10. Of course I agree. Where is the fallacy? Conditional statements don't presume positive hypothesis. They're literally beginning the sentence with IF!
  11. Disagreeing with that statement would be failure of logic. As I've already explained, conditional statement is false only if hypothesis of the statement (A and B in my post) is true and conclusion (C) is false. Therefore, his conditional statement is TRUE. Do you think it's false? EDIT: we can further discuss, if hypothesis A (IQ of blacks and whites) and B (normal distribution) are valid or not - that would be a nice discussion, but it's irrelevant for the condition statement.
  12. "If the mean black American IQ is (best estimate based on a century’s worth of data) around 85, as compared to a mean white American IQ of 100, then if IQ is normally distributed, you will see a far greater percentage of blacks than whites in the range of IQs 75 or below, at which point we are close to the typical boundary for mild mental retardation. " Look at the logical structure of his quote: IF A (is true) AND IF B (is true) THEN C applies. It's a conditional statement which is false only if A AND B is true and C false. That is not the case.
  13. You have the quote above - read it, understand it. If melthebell interpreted the quote as "ALL black people having a lower Intelligence than ALL white people" the he clearly doesn't understand written text (or he intentionally posts misinterpreted quotes).
  14. As I've said above - read the actual quotes, in context. Stop using strawman.
  15. That's not what he said, is it? But you probably didn't bother to read the actual quote.
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