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  1. I'd go even further and say that wanting is not enough. We need to act and we need to find someone pushing REASONABLE actions. Which unfortunately most of the activists don't do.
  2. How do you know that? Did you objectively assess her knowledge? Do you accept all her views and opinions as correct? Apart from usual personal insults we haven't heard any of your arguments here.
  3. One might say that every terrorist is mentally unstable. Yep, re-label terrorism to mental health issue, problem with terrorism solved. 🙄
  4. I think we should look closer at motivation behind these attacks.
  5. Sorry, it's up to you to bring up the evidence for your claim.
  6. Are you comparing bullying of a schoolboy and single tweet concerning some b-list celebrities?
  7. I think we need some source for these facts.
  8. I don't know, man. Something is telling me, that torture is bad. I don't know if it's DNA speaking or my brain but I certainly hear that!
  9. Yeah, that makes a difference, fair enough! Thanks!
  10. Ok, one more time. How's the app different to: https://crisisresponse.google/emergencylocationservice/how-it-works/
  11. I believe there are already emergency apps that automatically share your (GPS) location to the services called and don't require any internet connection. I'm not sure about the UK but it's fairly standard at other EU countries.
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