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  1. I had to go there today to work I was dreading it i knew it was going to be ghastly When i got there it was worse than ghastly my fears quickly were confirmed Oh poor sheffield what did you do to deserve this
  2. Porns fantastic they should sell it on dvd on the top shelf in newsagents though it should be covered up The girls love doing it the boys love doing it people buy it its a multi million pound trade so its a win win Freedom of expression to those who want to see it i love it long may it continue to flourish
  3. Its my own house which i live in, landlords must by law have all their apps serviced annually, this is a new installation ALL newly installed gas appliances should be certified with gas safe who in turn send a copy out to the homeowner/tenant/landlord its this which i have not received - thanks for the replys
  4. Great news i drink loads and loads and yes the scrans not bad either their bacon butties in the morning are sound aswell ---------- Post added 23-02-2015 at 20:46 ---------- A wetherspoons there will be warranted by its choice of ales alone, where else in meadowhall at the moment can you get a pint of real ale or a choice of several lagers? - nowhere
  5. Touchy touchy ...fact is things worse than what the chelsea fans did happen everday in places like page hall and guess what? It doesn't even make The Star any more Its football though and more than that its Chelsea so everything gets magnified X 1000.... ps i thought extremists (which is in your title) planned mass casualty/murders throw in a few decapitations plus a bit of pyromania? How can you compare extremists and a bit of name calling from some drunk yobs?
  6. Racism exists in all forms by all races - get over it,i bet these stupid chelsea fans will have got your SF pulse racing with excitement, really is this the best you can do? Sad sad sad existence if this is the best you can do Racism will never go away white on black - black on white and so on!!
  7. Ive been the victim of racist abuse four times as i can recall, 1st time when i was about 12 and was called the 'p' word because i'm dark complexioned 2nd time in about 1987 when upstairs in the marples a video of tyson was on ko-ing one after the other, when he ko'd a white guy on the vid, blacks in there said it didn't count cos he was white and wasn't worthy which i questioned and had to make a swift exit In about 1989 in turn ups i was with my lifelong black friend and had to leave 'with him by the way or get filled in because i was white Then in miami in 1992 waiting for a table that was ten minutes late that was being used by a black family - we were totally patient then out of nowhere this family came at us over sarcastic saying 'sorry boss sorry boss, bowing etc totally unneccesary and ott Racists exist all colours genders countries it will nevr go away, me personally it sticks and stones an all that,,,water off a ducks back pal:hihi: ---------- Post added 22-02-2015 at 21:50 ---------- Ive never seen large groups of black men going to football matches at all...ever, please share
  8. White racists exist black racists exist brown racists exist yellow racists exist get over it - it is here always has been always will be it will never ever go away we just try our best to get on with it
  9. I don't know that much about this but on tv this morning an asian man was slating the airport, police etc for allowing these girls ontowards syria to join their jihadi heroes via turkey.....is that an attempt to deflect criticism of the said girls mission for jihad by blaming the authorities? When i was 15/16 i knew perfectly well what i wanted and knew full well what i was doing, this kidder trying to defend em what a joke but totally predictable as usual Should say laughable on the title but not enough room and struggling really bad with this new tabletty thing
  10. Holidays are usually for two weeks tops plus you dont go there to scrounge or use an interpreter, what a stupid thing to say:loopy:
  11. If all the tax i pay stayed in this country to us original brits i would not have a problem, its when it gets wasted on bombs bullets, foreign aid and immigrants that i have a problem
  12. A few more up to date dvds maybe plus going back to old opening times/days
  13. Had a new boiler fitted july 2013 still not got the certificate, phoned em phoned em and phoned em again and again, every time its 'oh we'll get it to you no probs' Nearly two years later - nothing, ive phoned gas safe they've told me to contact the local authority but what department is it i contact?? Please
  14. Qpr used to i think oldham did for a bit aswell back in the 80's
  15. I admire israels retaliation not their land grabs, do you admire hamas? ---------- Post added 14-02-2015 at 19:14 ---------- Nah just not switched off to the fact kid you know - pretending its not happening its 2015ad and all that in the west not 815ad cappiche?
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