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  1. That doesn't really matter, as someone else has said, the choice was between 90% of what was offered last season or 0% The club have opted for getting nothing.. How do these people make enough money in the first place to buy a football club when they seem to have no business sense at all. It baffles me.
  2. There was a burger place which I think was called 'Burger Prince' I also think it started upstairs where Hollister is now and then moved downstairs into Market Street.
  3. Try here http://uk.crucial.com/gbr/en?gclid=Cj0KCQjwhoLWBRD9ARIsADIRaxQ7ZIv0Kx56h0pwQwDvVtQI8ZBGs8as3h9h80pfCgbhZwaNS39b_-8aAuJvEALw_wcB&cm_mmc=google-_-uk-_-brand-_-null&ef_id=Wl0fHQAAAeNPHTx0:20180401142620:s
  4. That's just not possible or legal. As examples, you HAVE to notify the DVLA when you move and you HAVE to provide your correct address for any insurances
  5. You have to get there before 7am to get a space.
  6. I've got one and love it because I never miss a call or text anymore.
  7. Are we due an incredibly hot afternoon today. There are men walking round Meadowhall in T shirt, shorts and flip flops? Maybe they're all jetting off to an exotic location as soon as they leave the place. Having just endured a week of having to wear flip flops on holiday because of the weather, I can't believe some men are wearing them out of choice!
  8. This is why I rarely post anymore, a totally uncalled for and nasty post.
  9. Do you have any idea how big London is! 8 minutes from the first phone call to the ending of this incident was an excellent response time.
  10. Exactly, just shows how well they are responding to these attacks.
  11. Brilliant response by the emergency services. Eight minutes from the first call to killing these criminals is just about as quick as it could be. Now everyone get out there on Thursday and vote to show democracy will not be destroyed.
  12. As I said, I never go out of my way to look for cheaper petrol, I choose the cheapest on my usual routes so I can't lose.
  13. I never used to shop around for petrol as prices were very rarely more than a couple of pence difference. This has changed dramatically over the past few months for some reason. I don't go out of my way to find cheaper petrol, I'm more aware of the prices as I drive around.
  14. Depends if you're filling up or not. 50 litres will be £5 cheaper at Hillsborough for a 5 mile return trip
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