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  1. Thanks Chex and feargal, sadly it looks like they're outside of hours I can do. But you did remind me it's a lovely tea room and I should go soon!
  2. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a social crafting meet, knit and natter, stitch and bitch type of thing. All of the posts I can find are quite old. Does anyone know of any? Ideally town centre or S10/S6 way, but would commute for a good and friendly group! Need one that is on evenings or weekends. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi Shoana, I'm hearing but learning British Sign Language, so I can't help very much. The Manchester Deaf Centre has lots of activities and if you can make your way to Manchester I'd recommend it (I live in Sheffield but work in Manchester so I'm learning there). I think there's a Deaf and hard of hearing club of Sheffield and this is the link online - http://slfirst.co.uk/about/sheffield-deaf-centre/. It looks like there are different events and clubs. If you want to learn or are learning BSL, or know it already, and fancy a chat or practice, pm me
  4. Hi Mollie, I teach through Running with Scissors Sheffield (http://www.rwssheffield.co.uk/workshops.html) and we're running a resin and beaded jewellery class combination in July. Resin is a great material to use with either silver or beaded jewellery and if you book, just let me know in advance of the class whether you have a particular beading technique/s you wanted to learn. I do beaded jewellery classes sometimes too but we've had problems with getting enough people to book on. If you have friends or family who are interested we'd be happy to organise a class tailored to you. Thanks
  5. Hi, did you ever find anywhere good for the alterations? I'm looking for someone for my dress. Thanks
  6. It might be worth putting a wanted advert on Freegle, I've given away dresses on there before.
  7. We're in Hillsborough. We often go for walks in Hillsborough park and Rivelin. ---------- Post added 15-01-2017 at 18:13 ---------- We did but unfortunately they all live at the other side of Sheffield, we can drive to meet people but she isn't a huge fan of the car so not something we want to do too often. Thanks for you reply though.
  8. Hi everyone, We have a six month old pup and I was wondering if anyone knew any websites or groups that help you find other dog owners to socialise with and go for walks with? She loves people and dogs, and although she meets plenty of people in the park it'd be nice to have something more regular. Thanks for your help, Gemma
  9. Thanks everyone for your replies, I'll have a look into them
  10. Hi everyone, We live in Hillsborough and recently got a new puppy. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good vet nearby? I went to Hallam vets with my cat but had some bad experiences so keen to avoid that one (bad experiences in terms of my cat was put to sleep there, not that the vet was bad). I wondered if anyone had tried vets for pets at pets at home at Wadsley? I saw good reviews online but wasn't sure how good they'd be at anything that isn't really routine. Thanks in advance for your help and advice
  11. Have you considered a cavapoo or cavachon if you have allergies? They're advertised as hypoallergenic and though I don't believe that our cavachon doesn't lose any hair. We had a cavalier before and she moulted a lot, which wasn't great for allergies. My partner has some problems with cat hair but hasn't had any problems with our dog. Hope this helps Also there is a site called borrow my doggy that I've seen advertised - might help you find one to test with!
  12. Hi everyone, I'm trying to learn BSL online and was wondering if anyone would fancy meeting up to practice with me? I struggle doing it alone, for some reason Netflix always appears on my laptop screen I'm looking for a college course but can't find anything happening soon, so thought at least if I start online now, I'll have some knowledge before I start a course! Thanks, Gemma
  13. Hi everyone, I'm a researcher working in mental health and I'm currently recruiting mental health service users and carers to complete a 20-30 minute survey (with a shopping voucher as a thanks for participation). I work at Manchester university, but live in Sheffield. In Manchester I've found loads of support groups that I can go to, where I've given people a bit of detail about the survey. The survey aims to get feedback from service users and carers on how they'd like to be involved in their care planning, so it's really important for me to hear from people in different areas and from different backgrounds. I'm advertising online, but as Sheffield is local to me I wanted to see if I could get the people of Sheffield involved too. But I'm really struggling to find anything in Sheffield! I've looked online but haven't found anything that seems very active, and all of the forum posts about groups are very old. Does anyone know any groups that are active? Or any Sheffield organisations I could contact? Thanks for your help
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