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  1. Hi. Wondering if anyone knew of a handyman that could clear our gutters and repair a roof tile that came off in the recent winds. We're a private rental house, but the landlord has given us the go ahead to find somebody to do the jobs for him. If you know of anybody or you can give me a quote yourself, please leave contact details. Thank you
  2. Owner found. He's dug his way out of the back garden through rubble hence the state of his fur. Can't explain the lugs though
  3. They've said it could be a couple of days til they can collect him. So we're going to try and clean him up a bit. So far I've cut the worst of the lugs from his face and cleaned some mud off him. He's extremely friendly and loving, which makes me think he has had a good home til fairly recentley. Poor old thing. I'll try and get a pic of him.
  4. Not presently, no. I'm sure he'll be scanned when he's collected.
  5. As above. The dog is in quite a bad way cosmetically, but seems in good health. He looks like he's been dumped as he has what looks like the contents of a skip in his fur. I've contacted the dog warden, so if you are looking for him, they have my details, or you can PM me. We're calling him Scruffy for now... that might change after I bath him
  6. Thanks, I got my brain in gear and poked it with stuff, poured boiling water down there and plungered it, it's flowing again now.
  7. We have a blocked exterior drain, the one the sinks drain into and I can't for the life of me get it unblocked. The main problem is the main drain access is under my conservatory floor so I can't access it without ripping up floor tiles. I need it flushing if possible from the actual drain hole end. Any suggestions... other than to shove it up my drain pipe
  8. I've only recentley grown into my PMT in the last year or so having had many years of month in month out plain sailing. Now I get to be satan for one week in four and I LOVE it! People cry when I look at them incase they're my next victim, I burn so many calories shaking with rage because a fly flew past me without my express written permission, I seem to have hulk strength and my OH buys me flowers and lets me do what I want, when I want, just so I don't rip his arms off and beat him with them. Sometimes being a woman is fantastic. I can live without the swollen and angry boobs though, they hurt like a bitch!
  9. Valproate has worked wonders for me, you're on the same cocktail I take, don't know about the levels. I've not been altered too much, just sort of balanced out more and I find everyday stuff easier to cope with. I still have ups and downs, but I'm nowhere near as bad as I used to be. The only thing I have a problem with is I get a nasty aftertaste from them for an hour or so after taking them. Hope they work out for you
  10. It's brown yellow and white, that's all I know. It's like a dog warden van but the wrong colours. I know it's a vague description, but right now it's all the lady has to go on.
  11. Has anyone seen a van that matches the description above or does anyone know of an animal rescue that uses such a van? It's in regard to a missing dog that was seen a couple of weeks ago being placed into the van in Thurcroft. The dog warden has been contacted, as have several animal rescues and nobody recognises the discriptiption. If anybody sees this van could you please try and get the reg number and PM it to me so a heart broken lady can find out what has happened to her beloved pet. The description of the dog is small and brown. The dog is microchipped and not normally prone to wandering. Thanks for any help you can give.
  12. Fuss given I wouldn't dream of taking the collar off, no matter how much it's driving him up the wall. I hate to see him pacing and so fed up though. He was born to be a wild, feral (with cuddles and a litter tray and a big comfy bed, but try telling him that's not feral) creature and right now it's like looking at a caged lion. I don't think it helps that Billy won't come near him and has started growling and spitting when he see's him too. On a plus note, we know where the razor wire is and we're in the process of getting the people that have it to get it removed. Hopefully no more kitties will have to suffer what he's going through because of it.
  13. We got him some, but I was wary of giving him any incase he went on one of his crazy rampaging round the house, attacking the other cats adventures. I'm worried one of the others will smack him in the face to be honest. I might try him on one or two, just enough to relax him though.
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