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  1. Yes, I used to take my cat there it was excellent. My cat was 16 so needed extra care, she was given a very nice area that was heated all the time. My cat died 18 months ago so haven't been recently, the lady that ran it think her name was dianne even used to clip her nails for me.
  2. Hi guys, could someone please advise me how I can add a photo to an advert? I thought I had put one on but obviously not and I can't see an option to edit. Thanks.
  3. TPT sign that also says meadowhall points across the course, have noticed it before.
  4. Where do you live? Maybe some kind person will offer to take you.
  5. Where do you buy it from, I have the small Warburton loaf, lovely and soft from Asda, always dry if I have to get it from Morrisons.
  6. My doctor is ecclesfield, guess I must be lucky can usually get appointments same day if I ring early, last Friday I rang for advice at 5.30pm and was sat with a doctor discussing problem at 6.00pm. Never really had any issues.
  7. Didn't see it but car was in middle of road certainly looked that way.
  8. Yes there was a child in the road when I drove past, people around helping it had just happened hope he is OK was out of it had been thrown quite a distance poor little mite. Sad to say there's always kids playing too near to road around there.
  9. The link to cat repeller that mister m put, that brand work well for me, some brands are useless but I have 2 of these in my garden and they have stopped all the neighbours cats using it as a toilet. I got a pack of 2 not very expensive and worth every penny, I know when the battery needs changing because the cats are back. If I was to buy them again would go for the solar ones save the hassle of changing batteries, they last roughly a month.
  10. Thanks for that will look at the website.
  11. Hi, does anyone know of any classes, workshops etc around Sheffield to find out more about jewellery making techniques. I can find lots for silver jewellery but I wanted beaded necklace, earrings that sort of stuff. I've done some stuff from you tube demonstrations but would prefer actual classes. There used to be lots around now am struggling to find one. Thanks.
  12. Have a look on Anne Sloan Web site. I like her paint it's so easy to use, she has a few tips and techniques on there to look at. Also look in your local library (if you still have one) I found lots of books with ideas etc.
  13. Anyone got any advice about removing a bees nest? I know the advice is leave alone if possible but they have nested in a bird box attached to the garden shed and they don't seem to like me being anywhere near them they swarm when I go near the shed. As they will be there a while it's not possible to just ignore them. Thanks.
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