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  1. Have you seen 1322 WA at south yorkshire transport museum
  2. my aunt joan and ada worked there and our transport company
  3. how is fuzzy ,him and our john were good mates,.it looked funny when the two of them got out of lorry to meet the cops on wide loads ---------- Post added 30-10-2015 at 17:10 ---------- Eric is still around
  4. yes it was Worthing road. could be right Canada ,young jonm Osborne who mated fuzzy passed away few years ago . erick transport manager still driving .
  5. Fuzzy went to oz,dasher dank was George broughtens side kick.bri had the tinted windows ,he smoked so much pat, terry , so many good lads ,i was one of the fitters in garage duncan
  6. we have a model of the old sheffield in our museum at rotherham
  7. had to learn to swim ,as my brother found out the hard way you cant walk under water,burried in tinsley 1951, RIP ERIC
  8. top of colford road ,turn left ,then turn right , thats pig ally
  9. got a few sut busses at our museum south yorkshire transport museum
  10. too true respect that is what has made our country
  11. thankyou he made some bits up for me ,bed and leather pannels for some scammell sleeper cab, sorry about stuart ,but a good band eagles was my favorets
  12. very good band , i did some work on there van ,who was it that did the leather work
  13. some where out that way my grandad and his brother had a drift mine gordon and lawson osborne
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