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  1. Did anyone see the accident today this morning on Sheffield Rd at Woodhouse. I think someone was run over?
  2. Id be inclined to leave it to the insurers. To put it bluntly you wouldn't want a car back after it's been nicked.
  3. Are you this condesending with your customers? I'll carry on buying cars at 100k plus and you can carry on flogging people the rubbish you've been banging on about for the last few posts.
  4. Some are some aren't as people have said. It depends also how much you are spending. I'd avoid spending any more than what you can afford to lose on a diesel and certainly be prepared to throw it once you get problems with the injectors etc. For about £1000 or so a Focus would be a good bet, cheap on parts, insurance etc, very common so all the garages are used to them. I'd be inclined to avoid Renaults, most Peugeots with the exception of the 406, elderly VWs which are rarely as good as people expect and also id give BMW a miss for much the same reason. At that mileage I'd look at Skoda Octavia, Mondeo, Avensis, Astra, Volvo. Every car I've had has done at least 90-100k on when I've first bought it. Providing its serviced on the dot it should be ok. Ignore these idiots that suggest it will be knackered at 100k, they are living in the 1980s when you could expect to be in for an engine rebuild at this mileage. I just know though someone will come on and say they once bought a car with 100k on the clock and it wanted £150 spending 3 months down the line. Things will wear out but you stand a good chance of making of last longer if you have the car serviced in accordance to instructions. People can't be arsed to do this hence complain bitterly later down the line when it wants for so little as a tyre. ---------- Post added 23-12-2015 at 19:55 ---------- You are talking utter b*****s. Safe to say anything bought from you over 80k is knackered then. You could apply your logic to anything, i might invite the council round to bulldoze my house on the basis its old and thus likely to cost me money from time to time.
  5. I think I'm the wooded area behind Sewell rd, there was a pit, I could be mistaken though.
  6. I think they are private, last time I was up there they were very run down though.
  7. Its probably the conservative government taking them, or that Nigel Farage stealing them to give to Romanian plasterers. Or possibly even Roger Radish of the Garden Gang ran off with Colin the Cauliflower. What I'm more worried about is the lack of investment in this governments council housing scheme insofar as how it relates to everything you bang on about on here.
  8. You could get away with removing the EGR on something made 10-15 years ago. Doing it on a car made recently would cause no end of problems as the engines depollution system relies on it. You would have got away doing that to an old 406 or something but not with newer cars.
  9. I laugh at the people that spend 10k on a diesel, so they pay £30 road tax ---------- Post added 31-03-2015 at 20:47 ---------- Rubbish. The consequence of making diesels have a reasonable economy/performance is the poor reliability now. Im looking forward to your post complaining when the injectors/fuel pump/DMF/DPF/EGR fail. At least the £170 tax saving will go towards the £1500 bill.
  10. Wards garden centre at Troway. 5 canes for £5.99. All look like they have every chance of growing next year. We'll see!
  11. It's difficult to say if you mean just patching the sill depends how much there is etc. If you mean putting a cover sill over the grot then you are probably looking a couple hours labour per side plus £30-40 for the panel. If you are having the job done properly its a big job involving bracing whilst the old sill is cut off. You will more than likely find remedial work is required to the inner sill, particularly at the rear on the mk1 focus. Probably talking several hundred to rectify it properly.
  12. A friend of mine is looking to sell a 16ft x 8 ft pigeon Loft situated at Mosborough. It's constructed from 3x2 and 3/4 inch thick plywood. No rot. For more details PM
  13. A pal of mine used to live on Truswell Avenue at Crookes several years ago. He was told by the neighbour that a guy had murdered his wife in the house that my friend lived in. Can anyone tell me if he was having him on or whether this actually happened?
  14. What are you going on about? Have you just reeled off whatever is going on in your head? What an inane boring post.
  15. Wickes 'Premium' shed £150. Not very durable though! If you are wanting something to last a few years you want t&g flooring and walls.
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