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The Clegg Shield: The oldest schools Trophy in the World

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Perhaps this can be explained to me ie: the 'Clegg Shield -1960's- appears to be competed between (the then) secondary and grammar schools, but I thought that they had their own leagues. The most prominent -secondary-at that time (who indeed produced some fine Sheffield born footballers) being Meynell Road and Coleridge Road, my own school Burngreave, not being too bad either. The 'Sheffield Boys" team was I think, made up of lads from secondary schools. and (if I've got this right) David Ford played for "Yorkshire Boys" because he attended a grammar school (I don't know which one) and only those from those said establishments could play for them, and De La Salle was a grammar school.

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AndyH - so you were the person who won those photos - I got there too late! Well done. My wife works at Thurlstone which is why I was after the photos in the first place. You might like to know that someone brought the shield into school today and photos can be seen on the Thurlstone Primary School twitter feed.

Could we be cheeky and request a decent copy for the school, please?

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