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  1. I used to listen to the 'Top Twenty' on RL or Radio Looneyburg as my dad would call it, on Sunday nights (not sure what time it came on) in the late 50's early 60's. No other radio station did such a show. I did not have a 'tranny' but could listen to it on our house 'wireless', a big brown coloured 'Bush' thing.
  2. There was another bloke (from Leeds) who did that show. The record company during those 1/2 hours Decca was pronounced D.E.C.C.A, though they mentioned the label's proper name. Also , I never knew what garbled prose Jack Jackson was on about. Keith Fordyce and Barry Aldiiss suited me. And wasn't Kent Walton (wrestling commentator) part of Radio L ?
  3. Marmite ? Which was like flavoured shoe polish !
  4. Were Blood Sweat and Tears around that time ?
  5. Oh, Glossop Road/ Hallamshire hospital area. Didn't venture up there often, more of a Wicker/Waingate pub bloke and thank you Longcol.
  6. Yes trastrick ,'So little time' as milkmen only worked in the mornings. ---------- Post added 10-02-2018 at 18:49 ---------- You can get English type pork pies and sausages etc from a couple of companies who make the goods in the north eastern US. However the products have to be shipped by 'Next Day Air' which costs more that the stuff itself. Sheffield area born lads weyn't bi avin any o' that tho' will thi' ?
  7. Thank you Voldy. What I meant was did Sheffield buses (Sheffield Transport/ SYPTE) run a regular route to the Stoke on Trent area and did Lincolnshire Road Car bus routes actually come into Sheffield from wherever their starting point ?
  8. Annie, PMT was what ? and Stoke to Sheffield is a long way (no motorways). My point being, did Sheffield buses go to the Potteries ?
  9. What was the biggest distance Sheffield buses (Sheffield Transport) went to in say 1960's on a regular basis. I know of Manchester, Leeds and Gainsborough but did any of those places have reciprocal arrangements with Sheffield ? As in did Leeds or Manchester buses run to Sheffield ? Gainsborough didn't have their own buses as that town was perhaps served by the Lincolnshire Road Car Company.
  10. Did that East Midland bus to Mansfield go via Eckington and Renishaw ?
  11. You only had a half there (or perhaps more) and how did you get home ?
  12. Perhaps Jock Mahoney who was in the TV series 'The Range Rider' ?
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