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  1. Anybody got any photographs of the finalists for the Clegg shield final over the last 127 years, I am starting a collection.
  2. This year's Clegg shield returned to Bramall lane with Westfield beating springs academy 4-0 in front of a crowd of 600
  3. Ecclesfield school won this year's Clegg shield on Thursday evening after beating Meadowhead school in a thriller, 3-2. This year the game was played at sheffield Fc in the spirit of the history of sheffield football. Over 200 supporters attended this enjoyable game. The three young officials contributed to a great final. It is a great shame to hear the schools sports federation are only just surviving financially despite its 126 years contribution to school sport.
  4. Does anyone know where I may be able to get a real Christmas tree this week
  5. This year's Clegg shield final is at Bramall lane on Tuesday 6 th may 630 kick off between Chaucer and King Ecgbert school.
  6. The Clegg Shield is at his semi final stage currently for this season with Chaucer playing Stocksbridge and HANDSWORTH v King Ecgberts School in the other. This year,s final will once again be played at Bramall lane sometime after Easter? Sheffield United have hosted the final for the last two years with Ecclesfield school beating Newfield School last year and City beating Notre Dame in 2012. information about the shield can be found on the sfss.co.uk website. It would be great to see if we could track back to 1889 with team photographs as well. This year is the 125th final.
  7. I need our steps making good in front of the house. Could anyone recommend a builder who does small jobs like this. Many thanks. Greystones, banner cross area.
  8. Does anyone have a contact for the floor sander man by the name of greg. Many thanks
  9. My advice would be to stop at how den, have a walk round the town and find one of a number of cafes that serve visitors to the area. A nice wander along the high st with breakfast as well.
  10. Well done jess, awesome! you have done sheffield proud Congratulations
  11. which bin did they put them in, it may be a while before they take them away!!
  12. Chesterfield car boot always on , in the donut car park
  13. Absolutely fantastic to see everyone enjoying themselves yesterday on Eccy rd, never to be seen again in my lifetime.
  14. With the Olympic torch arriving in sheffield I thought it may be interesting to post favourite Olympic moments. My first memory of the Olymics was the Munich Olympics in 1972 when Olga Korbut brought gymnastics alight with her floor routine and balance on the beam. At the same Mark Spitz' seven gold medals in the pool was remarkable.
  15. we used the dog house last year and would never use again! we have a lovely natured dog, when we picked her up we were told that she was always trying to get through doorways first and because of this the woman had used some sort of collar on her that stunned her! Of corse I was shocked that a so called caring dog lover could do this to any dog. This woman does seem to have lots of dogs though so must be doing something right but I will definately not be returning to the dog house.
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