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  1. Hello all, Just to let you know, me and a friend have spent the past 6 months putting together a DVD of previously unseen film taken in and around Sheffield in the early 1960s. The films were shot on 8mm cine film by an amateur as home movie footage and we are guessing that this has never been seen outside close friends and family. They were on a total of 16 reels of film which we have had to copy, edit and re-arrange into some kind of logical sequence. We are very pleased with the end result, but the cost of doing this has been very expensive but well worth it as we wanted it to be made available to the wider public as it was almost lost forever when we rescued it. We now have a DVD which is over one hour long and is divided into 6 separate chapters - "Sheffield Parks", "Views and Events", "Sheffield Trams", "Tinsley Park Works", "Sheffield at Leisure" and "Finningley Air Show". There are lots of shots of long forgotten street scenes, demolished buildings etc. The film is silent and mostly in colour. Highlights include Firth Park and other city parks, Longley Park Baths on a summers evening packed with people, Rivelin Valley paddling pool, Chapeltown Bonfire, Christmas lights, a journey from The Wicker to The Moor shot from a car travelling through the city centre, demolished pubs such as The Angel & Pump Tavern, Hippodrome, Paradise Square, Pheasant Inn at Sheffield Lane Top, wonderful film of Sheffield University Rag Week with the student procession and the "boat race" on The Don, Whit Walk gathering in Firth Park, Sports Gala at Shiregreen Sports Ground, St George's Day Parade in City Centre, brilliant footage of the Star Walk shot outside Pheasant Inn, lots of footage of Sheffield Trams "Last Tram Week" including trams running at Millhouses and in the city Centre, the horse drawn tram, illuminated tram. footage taken at the tram depot, and the sad sight of trams being broken up at Thos Wards scrapyard. There is a very interesting section on Tinsley Park Works which shows the massive site being cleared and the new factory in various stages of construction with footage of the opening ceremony with the Duke of Edinburgh and the works in production and even footage taken in the offices - for anyone that worked there in the early 60s this would bring back vivid memories. Sheffield at Leisure includes various footage taken around Derbyshire and also sporting events in the shape of Listerdale Scrambles and speedway filmed at Owlerton with bikes racing etc The final chapter was shot entirely at Finningley Air Show at the 21st Anniversary of the Battle of Britain in 1961 and shows close ups of the various aircraft and the Red Arrows etc in flight. If anyone is interested in a copy they can contact me via email at andyhorsfield@btinternet.com FOR SALE AT £10 + £1.50 via ebay or direct from me at the above email address Cheers
  2. Hi Alan - please email me on andyhorsfield@btinternet.com and I will send you all the details
  3. Hi I think I may have some programmes from Sheffield amateur dramatic societies somewhere if you are interested
  4. Try my DVD - colour home movie footage taken in and around Firth Park area in the 1960s. All previously unseen
  5. Hi If you are looking for the nostalgic present to buy a Sheffield expat this is the perfect present this Christmas. Have a read of the thread - everyone who has a copy of this DVD absolutely loved it Please email me on andyhorsfield@btinternet.com I will post straight away in time for Christmas Thanks Andy
  6. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/282389441663?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Now on sale on eBay - click the above link
  7. Hello all, After a long time, I have now found a new supplier for these DVDs. These are now more professionally packaged - shrink wrapped with new cover design. The cost is £10 + £1 postage and packing in the UK per DVD. If anyone is interested, or would like more details, please contavt me via email on andyhorsfield@btinternet.com Ever since I came across this cine film I have wanted to share this unique footage with as many people as possible. Many Thanks Andy
  8. Thanks for that. Confirms the date even more. The photograph is of Silkstone Brass Band - a village 4 miles outside Barnsley towards Penistone. I would have expected them to be photographed by a Barnsley / Penistone photographer so it is possible that they were visited the Sheffield area to play. They did play contests so I will need to do some more digging - but I have a window of dates to look at now. Thanks again ---------- Post added 11-12-2016 at 13:24 ---------- I have found out that Silkstone band were one of the bands that played at the South Yorkshire Miners' Association great demonstration and procession which was held in Sheffield in 1868. They assembled at the Haymarket in Sheffield and marched via Ranmoor to grounds adjoining Whitley Wood Hall where the mass gathering was planned. As the dates fit and this was such an important occasion at the time I am tempted to think that this was when the photo was taken
  9. Thanks very much for the replies. These tie in with the date I have on the back of my photo. Does anyone know when Mr Rock left these premises
  10. Hi all, I am trying to confirm an approximate date of a photograph. The photographer was H Rock based at 11 Pond Hill, Sheffield. Does anyone know which dates H Rock was at this address. Someone has written on the back of the card "about 1876" Thanks in anticipation
  11. Hello SG Can you please email me on andyhorsfield@btinternet.com and we can take it from there. Thanks Andy
  12. I think the reference to WS Clegg should be William Johnson Clegg (1827 - 95) who was an Alderman according to the 1881 Census. Charles Clegg (1851 - 1937) was son of WJ Clegg and director of Sheffield Wednesday. The link below should answer any questions http://www.chrishobbs.com/charlesclegg.htm
  13. In the last month I have managed to get hold of 3 old original Victorian football photographs from the Penistone area, one of which was a team of schoolboys with a shield and a chalkboard at their feet with some writing on it. After having the photo photo-shopped I have just been able to make out the writing on the chalkboard which says "Thurlstone ______ Clegg Shield Winners 1889-90". On checking the website of the Sheffield Federation for Schools Sports it appears that the Sheffield Schools Athletics Association was born in 1889 and in that year Alderman W. S. Clegg presented the Clegg Shield for a football competition for the Elementary Schools of the City. Thurlstone were the first winners in 1890 and when they brought home the Shield the villagers and a brass band went to the station to meet the "conquering heroes". The captain was H. Depledge. The photo I have is therefore of the first ever winners of the oldest Schools Trophy in the World !!!!
  14. Paul, Can you please email me on andyhorsfield@btinternet.com as I don;t seem to pick up the PM's here Many Thanks
  15. Thanks to those who have ordered copies. Hope you all enjoy the film....
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