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Alton Towers Log Flume Boat Washes Up On Sheffield River Bank

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A log flume boat that spent most of its life at the Alton Towers theme park has been found washed up on the banks of a Sheffield river.

A walker joked it must have "travelled some distance" in a post online showing the boat next to the River Sheaf.


Owner Mick Foster quickly laid claim to the boat, telling people it had floated out of his garden in Sheffield after heavy rain led to flooding back in October.


The boat had lived happily on a patio in his garden next to the river, before it made a break for freedom.


"Someone messaged me to say they had seen it down the back of the railway tracks. I put a photo on and the responses were crazy. Who has a log flume boat in their back garden?" he said.


More from the BBC: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-68383660

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It’s been on the banks of the Sheaf for quite a while now . I walk past it regularly with the dog.

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Many moons ago (and I have mentioned it before - but that's what old people do :blush:)

there was a paddle boat (sunken) in the river Sheaf behind the houses on Cromford St.

Must have been some ride from Millhouses boating lake, but them Cromford lads were always game for a bit of mischief 😇.




Boating lake at Millhouses Park, Sheffield | Lake, Park, Childhood memories

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