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Vegetarian Christmas Dinner


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Is anyone on here vegetarian? I'm hosting Christmas dinner for the family and my niece doesn't eat meat. Shes not fond of the taste or texture so shes not a strict vegetarian and she will eat fish and cheese. I am planning a traditional Christmas dinner for the rest of us but want to provide something for her that can be done as a single portion that can be eaten with the same veg as the rest of us. I have cooked vegetarian food for myself but i wouldn't usually serve it with sprouts, roast and new potatoes and parmesan roast parsnips. I don't want serve salmon as I intend to serve that to everyone in the evening. 

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“...my niece doesn't eat meat. She’s not fond of the taste or texture...”


A good many quorn products – and some alternatives – seek to mimic the taste and/or texture of meat.


My suggestion would be something like an individual pie (say mushroom and leek, or chestnut and red onion). This wouldn't duplicate any of the veg you’ll be serving and, as she’s not vegan, you can add a mildish cheese to the pie filling that won’t compete with the Parmesan* parsnips.


* I’m sure you’re aware that Parmesan isn’t vegetarian, but, as you’ve said, your niece is “not a strict vegetarian”.

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Thanks horribleblob. Vegans avoid dairy but vegetarians don't so you only have to check it isn't made using animal rennet. My niece isn't a strict veggie in that she just doesn't like the taste or texture of meat. I don't have to check everything as you would have to with a strict vegetarian. The parsnips only have a light dusting of cheese and flour so it wouldn't be cheese overload.  I will have a look through my recipe books. Thanks

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21 hours ago, Chez2 said:

Have you tried any of them? Do they look and taste okay?

I have tried them, they' make a decent quick no fuss substitute  to a meal that would normally be  meat and veg.


Like horribleblob says pies are a good option, and there are  plenty of ready made options available.

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