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Need to improve my worklife and income

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Dont want to open new thread, because I have similar question. Same age as OP,same fields of interests, I am looking to obtain better education not necessarily in IT field.



Now, what are my options as adult learner in Sheffield? I am looking for courses for evening/ afternoon time and online courses, I am working during the day.


Is there anything like that possible in Sheffield?


What level of education are you aiming to access ?

I spent many years gaining qualifications in modern languages in Sheffield college but the last Labour government destroyed this particular line of improvement by shifting the bulk of education funding elsewhere and the courses all closed.

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I'm a 40-something guy and spent most of my working life in IT support in one form or another. I've got a whole load of experience and knowledge in a lot of different areas but never branched out into anything specific.

Since the companies I've worked for have never given any official training, I've never gained actual IT qualifications. I did do a degree module a few years ago, but nothing since. Life takes over and on it goes...


I'm now being made redundant and whilst there are opportunities out there, (I'm getting interviews etc at the same level) - I'm struggling to see how I can turn myself into a higher earner (from £20kish to +£30k). Employers seem to want someone who already knows how to do a job, rather than employ someone who has a good past record and let them grow into a higher role.


I feel my options are to work the same kind of job for another year and this time do some out of office hours specialist course/training, which will hopefully lead to this. But in what?

I've though of getting into web design, developing, ITIL training, finance accounting etc - I'm pretty sure I can turn my hand to one of these, and since I don't have a real preference to one over any other I'm basing it more on which direction will bring more money in at the end of the day.

I'd also consider starting up my own business, providing 1-on-1 computer help/support, web design or even open a cafe further down the line. However I know there are more risks going this way.

I also don't have much cash to splash out, and my payout is likely to only be pretty small - so that's not going to help much!


Anyone been in a similar situation? Got any advice on how to decide on my next step? :help:


Bit late to this, but all I have to suggest....


Are you practical ? from my experience installing the technical things always seems to pay better than supporting same things from a desk !


Have you considered being a contractor ? Good chance something you're skilled at is something that firms hire in people to do as and when needed, not many tech contractors get paid badly, outside of an office at least.


Do you go on Linkedin ? Wealth of knowledge about any way you might wish to go, people and companies in your fields of interest. Leave your profile there listing what you're looking for, or what you want to be and let them find you

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What's the typical day rate for a contract developer, around £500?

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Not in Sheffield no. About £400 before VAT would be typical (for a Java developer, AFAIK that wouldn't be much higher for any other language).

£500 would be an extremely good rate here, or an okay rate in London.

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