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  1. Must all be "fake news" I've been reading then. Fair one though, you're the expert and have probably seen many prior attempts fail in your career. I'll just wait it out for the next year or so and if nothing has changed by then go through LVT !
  2. Sorry, I'm just going on articles I've been reading, some of them I've put links up to including the bill itself. I realise it's unlikely to pass at least in its current form but enough people are angry to the point it could affect votes and opinion now, no ? ---------- Post added 08-02-2018 at 18:05 ---------- I think it's a quote from the website, which is a leasehold action group. For whatever reason either new players or old decided they wanted far more money out of the business and have got greedy and underhand leaving some with unsellable homes / out of pocket into the tens of thousands. It's backfired for them a bit though as the national press have exposed the whole industry, and caused people to gather and seek change. It don't really affect those with "old style" leaseholds, other than if rules get changed there would be more protection for us in the event an unscrupulous company bought the freehold, and could mean a much lower price to buy the freehold via a better compulsory purchase sorta system.
  3. Far as I know that one is as good as law... People quite rightly weren't happy with it though, doesn't go nearly far enough. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-42439155 Here's the one I'm referring to http://www.naea.co.uk/news/november-2017/proposed-leasehold-reform-bill.aspx And here's the one that pleases me the most https://www.theguardian.com/money/2018/jan/14/property-market-braces-for-shockwaves-from-landmark-leasehold-case As I say, doubt it will happen for as long as tories keep their head above water (not long now hopefully) but the idea of the landed gentry and other reptiles taking such losses via our countries law really warms my heart, gives me hope for the future ! ---------- Post added 08-02-2018 at 13:38 ---------- Was meant to be read last friday, been delayed til october. Unsurprising really, would agree there's more pressing matters to attend to ..... https://services.parliament.uk/bills/2017-19/leaseholdreform.html
  4. And that's why it was no use to me, I book my own hotels and have a serious gadget / tool habit ! If I was a skinflint, and only worked in Yorkshire though..... I'll give you the example.... Security firm, lads all held their own licence, used own vehicles, radios belonged to clients. No need for premises. Turnover just below limits. All it left was uniforms bookkeeping and some small incidentals. This was in 13/14 though, maybe that was back under old more generous rules ?
  5. You're right, badly phrased details not correct, was just trying to illustrate how I thought said "consultant" might be looking to achieve increase in real world income. Looked into this in 2014 at suggestion of a friend, he gave me examples of how it worked in his industry. No good for me, but still seems credible... If you found yourself in an advantageous position within your deemed category ? Suppose other reasons for VAT reg could be insistence of a client / middleman maybe with the option of using their "umbrella scheme" instead of going through the paperwork. Had that one pulled on me a few times, but that's another story....
  6. Late to thread but ...... Could be to do with FRV, have you heard of this ? Not sure if the rules have changed on it, but it is/was offered to make VAT accounting easy for small businesses. You charge 20% to client you pay 15% to HMRC The 5% difference was to allow for your purchase of tools, equipment, premises or any other expense A consultant could in theory only need their knowledge and expertise, a laptop, maybe some trade body subs, insurance or whatever so let's say that eats 2% of the benefit On 60k revenue, that's an extra £1800 freed up, so if they're a director of their own ltd. company that could equate to £1350 in pocket that year ! Not bad going for some inherently easy accounting !
  7. I couldn't find better value than here in Wincobank, it's a big area and some parts of it are surprisingly nice. I asked the estate agent why house I bought was so bizzarrely cheap, and he said was due to the bad rep the area has combined with the fact people don't know the nicer estates exist ! Horses for courses and I've no idea what the schools are like as I've no kids but where I am is dead quiet, nice neighbours that look after their homes, 10 mins walk to station / meadowhall, 5 mins drive to M1. Only thing I don't like is it's a 4 mile drive to nearest proper supermarket !
  8. Trade carpets and beds, tyler street, wincobank. Did my whole house in quality carpet for half the price others wanted. Nice people too. Shop / warehouse is a bit "no frills" but don't let that put you off their stock as good as anyone elses !
  9. Hey Topflat29, thanks for your post there, you've no idea how long I've spent looking through those archives for a case relevant to mine ! Exactly what I needed. Don't know how many of you are aware, but in December it was made illegal to sell a new house as leasehold. It goes further.... Last Friday there was supposed to be a (now delayed til sept.) second reading in commons of a bill that would, if it passes as-is :- -Set price of freehold purchase to a mandatory 10 x ground rent -Remove the expectation that leaseholder pays landlord costs on purchase / dispute -Bring compensation scheme to the many that have been misled into bad lease terms That's for houses. There is talk of making purchased flats "commonhold" although this will be more technically difficult, and is not covered by this bill. End of the day, given the "establishment" i.e. lords and such are the biggest profiteers out of all this it's unlikely to go through while the nasties are still in power, but decembers decision and these ongoing pushes show the will and weight of opinion to abolish what is essentially legalised theft, and a throwback to feudal times...
  10. If you look at it, less than 1/3rd got spent on looking after dogs (and cats?) their "profit" came close to the amount they spent on doing what they claim to do ! I always thought "leaving all my money to battersea dogs home" was a jokey threat to kids n grandkids but with assets of 75m and income of 41 looks like plenty follow through :-/
  11. I have quickbooks, and a bookkeeper and am very fond of both ! Only use the quickbooks for invoicing though (like how it works, used to it) and meet with bookkeeper mid april with a big stack of receipts and downloads ! simple :-) Can see how insisting on quarterly would help them, and at a stretch help promote good practice in firms maybe with a few staff or that run larger credit and costs than I but would reckon the majority of sole trader tradesmen / contractors from all sectors plus many others would have justifiably found it a big imposition one way or another
  12. I'm glad it won't apply to me, Happy with things as they are. As pretty much a one man band would prefer not to have an extra 3 deadlines / time with bookkeeper a year to keep in mind enough to keep on top of !
  13. Saw it was 5 out of 1100 odd on tripadvisor... Thought must be a glitch but went in anyway. Was absolutely awesome, one of the best burger platters I've ever had and cost less than eating at some chain pubs... Solidly recommend.
  14. Was definitely built in a rush and on a tight budget... A nightmare making these discoveries when you've still got all you knew about already to get done !
  15. Have exactly the same problem. Would be an easy DIY job, but the boards went down before the walls went up, and the joists lie in completely the wrong place to support the edges of the room !
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