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Small car, small caravan??

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Ive got a Ford Fiesta 2008 1.4 TDCi (70bhp) Titanium 3 door car and need some help working out the size of caravan I could possibly tow. It only needs to be a 2 berth with the usual caravan features, just really light weight to match the car.


If a caravan isn't possible I will look at other options, im currently a tenter but what ever I get needs to be set up by one person so bigger tents and trailer tents are not really what I'm looking for.


I know there are websites which give you the information but I'm struggling to understand and needs some plain talking....much obliged!

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Hi Sazaboo


You can look up car and caravan matches for free on our website on the following link




If you just choose "a standard caravan" you can see that you are going to struggle with most 'vans.


It probably depends on what you want to pay. You CAN get caravans weighing less than 750kg but because they are less mass-market they tend to hold their price, so you could find it cheaper to change your car and get a lower priced caravan


Another route might be to look at combi-camp folding campers, some of which are designed to be put up quickly and easily by one person and seem to be quite highly rated by people with similar needs to yours



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