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  1. Ive got a Ford Fiesta 2008 1.4 TDCi (70bhp) Titanium 3 door car and need some help working out the size of caravan I could possibly tow. It only needs to be a 2 berth with the usual caravan features, just really light weight to match the car. If a caravan isn't possible I will look at other options, im currently a tenter but what ever I get needs to be set up by one person so bigger tents and trailer tents are not really what I'm looking for. I know there are websites which give you the information but I'm struggling to understand and needs some plain talking....much obliged!
  2. its scheduled to be done but the whole project is running months late
  3. i think its more of an issue with the tutorial, they have given instructions but the code rquired to get past this bit is in the next section for some reason...theres a forum on the codeacadamy site but its very slow to get a response...but thank you!
  4. Hi, trying to get through the java script learning using Code Acadamy website for an assessment this week, plan was to have a couple of runs through it before the test but my plans have been scuppered by ancient and knackered laptop and unhelpful instructions on the website... so im after anyone who knows the site and knows how to get past a certain point, even when i think ive got the correct code, its not letting me past... its lesson 'Search Text for your name' 4/7 my code is... var text " blah blah blah Sarah blah blah Sarah"; var myName "Sarah"; var hits []; for (var i = 0; i < text.length; i++){ if (text === myName [0]) and the instructions were... Add your if statement in the body of your for loop. It should check to see whether the current letter is equal to the first letter of your name. (Capitalization counts!) There's no need to put anything between the {}s of your if just yet. so the code in red is what ive added for this lesson...its only part completed cause the next lesson adds another 'for' loop. sorry this is a bit random! any help much appreciated!!
  5. Does anybody know who I can contact about the field/grazing behind Woodhouse West primary? There are entrance gates off the TPT bridleway that goes past and 3 horses currently located there. I'm asking in regards to availability of grazing. Many thanks
  6. Is this the same pony you were asking for riders for? Didnt you get my pm? My daughter would love to ride regularly, on lead reign to begin with then riding on her own...
  7. I'm going to try copper nails too just to make sure! Cheers!
  8. Hi Im looking for a eco friendly was to kill several laurel bush stumps in a large section of my garden in order to dig over for a veg patch. Ive been told that you can drill a hole and put diesel in to kill them but im concerened that its not very eco/environmentally friendly with what i want to use the soil for next. any suggestions other than dig them out, ive tried that but its litterally breaking my back!! and im leaving the roots in that will just grow back! cheers!!
  9. Where are you based and what facilities are available? Cheers
  10. What weight can it carry? Cheers
  11. Cup of tea, small bowl of porridge, fishcake butty, bottle of wine, 2 slices of cheese.
  12. Hi all My Grandparents are celebrating their diamond wedding anniversay on Boxing Day this year, as a special treat the family would like to hire a 1930's vintage car to pick them up, take them for a little drive round and then into town. Quotes have been pretty high considering the task, even for a Bank Holiday! Has anyone hired a vintage car for an hour or so? What did you pay? Who did you use? any reccomendations gladly recieved!
  13. thanks for all the posts, good old TK Maxx at Crystal Peaks sorted me out for £8!! I also listen to Ministry of Sound Running trax - winter 2011 disc 1 should get me round in a good time if the weather stays cool! ---------- Post added 22-06-2013 at 19:59 ---------- race done, got a new personal best of 64 mins! well done all who took part and their supporters for cheering us all on in the rain!!
  14. cheers guys, ill try decathlon first before meadowhell!!
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