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WW2 Aircraft S12


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I have Flight Radar 24 and nothing showed up on radar in the area... :huh:


I was typing that info as I tracked it - toon off from Cambridge and flew NE - passed directly over Eckington specifically, then up towards Halifax - I lost it at that point when I closed the app! But that's how I got the registration number etc.

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4pm over Beighton flying East I'm not an expert on planes how can you tell from my short clip it was a Dekota was it the sound of the engine. I think it could be the same one that came over recently.


You can tell from the shape the of the aircraft.

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This was the plane only had chance to do 6 seconds though.



That is a twin engined DC-3, Dakota, probably from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. It was scheduled to overfly Hunstanton at 12.00 today, flying out of, and returning to, Coningsby. Nowhere else listed for that aircraft today.


It flew low between Bradway and Dronfield, heading east, so must have overflown a lot of other places if that was the same plane. Organisers of the Bradway Fun Day this afternoon had asked BBMF for an overflight, but never seriously expected to get one! Probably just coincidence, but their reply said no promises but if they were in the area in transit, they might.

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