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Opinon please dog owner or company who owns car park?

doggie 5

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I want to ask your opinion, I contacted the area manager of the moorland regarding an issue of two dogs be left in a car and to see what the company policy or what training is given to staff to deal with matters like this. I was told they don’t have a policy because it’s a very grey area, to where the responsibility ends and starts is it the dog owners or the company in which the car is parked.

On the day this happen I informed the manager and was told he would deal with it. I went back a week later and asked what had happened. The owners of the dog came and open the window a little more, I asked if the dog had a drink and the manager didn’t know.

So who do you think is responsible?

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I wanted to say when should the owners of the company step in and take action?


The only action they could take would be calling the police or RSPCA, which if someone is telling them about the animal in the car, then the someone could do themselves directly.

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