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  1. Was he fluffy as one was found hit by a car on manor lane
  2. Why don't you fence your garden in so they can't get off it. Can be done for 100 pound. Cheaper than vet bills and your cat is safe from neighbour's and roads
  3. I have all sorts if birds visit my garden too and squirrels. I have one of the stands you can buy with a dine underneath to stop squirrels and rats climbing up for the food. I have a cage feeder to fit on the stand as well which stops the large birds but allows small birds in. Visit homebase as they have a great range. I also if squirrel boxes filled with nuts
  4. How heartbreaking, if only a rescue space had been found for him before. RIP poor boy
  5. Hi please speak to Maggie at friends of ferals on Facebook. This is Magsie on here, but she may not look very often. Also Rotherham Rescue Rangers on Facebook. Initially they may trap, neuter and return adult cats or regime if they can on farms etc. Kittens that can be tamed they will if possible. I see you are giving your own cat away too, put her name down at Sheffield Cat Shelter, they will make sure she goes to the right home.
  6. That's brilliant news. Cats seem to know don't they when they are safe and home. Xx
  7. Hard to tell really if it is someone's cat and just having a wander. Was it very thin x
  8. Oh my goodness how tragic and sad. My best wishes to Lisa's family. Xxxx
  9. I worked full days with kittens, luckily my two always preferred biscuits which were always available. Socializing wasn't a problem either. I have had cats for nearly 40 years and working was not a problem ever. Same with my daughter. Her cats and my cats are lovely natured
  10. My dad had a staff and loved green tripe from the market. A lot cheaper than other foods and better for them
  11. Basegreen, Gleadless (not valley) birley and frecheville, s14 herdings area
  12. Hi. Have you been on Facebook on the missing and lost and found sites. Put a photo on too if you have one. If you have a dry place put her litter tray out to guide her home too.
  13. No IAMS isn't a good product either. As others have said a raw duet is best or one of the other products mentioned. Lilys Kitchen may also have a good range to try. I used to feed my dachshunds raw breast of lamb. Also kept their teeth clean and no smelly breath either.
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