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Mr Baki puts the doubters in place.


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He just tweeted what we all knew.


"To cut the story short,Murphy wanted to leave to get more exposure to make it to the Scottish national team.You can criticize all you want."


"If anyone wants to leave and doesn't want to wear the red and white stripes for what ever that should be the end of the story".


Jamie Murphy quickly responds to Mr Baki by changing his profile picture from a blades one to one off him holding his new Brighton shirt.


I wasn't about United what so ever but we all knew this. The player wanted out therefore common sense says you don't try and block them. If they don't want to play for you then offload them.


- Good player but lacks consistency with his one good game in 4.

- Turned over a nice 700% profit on what we coughed up for him.


So there we go know it all Owls and Blades. Proven NOT to be a lack of Ambition that you all love to believe, the player had a trigger in his contract and it is rumoured that he has been talking to Brighton behind our back since the beginning of the month. The agent told Brighton what it would take to trigger the release clause and Murphy was already packing his things.


Not just the case of selling our best players.


Oh and we now have more, Jim Phipps has just tweeted - "100% of the transfer fee will be instantly made available to Nigel Adkins"


He then goes on to explain what any half intelligent football fan would know. Contracts mean nothing in modern day football other than economic rights!


I've said it time and time again. Great player on his day but way too inconsistent, one good game in 4 ain't good enough. A nice big return on what we paid for him and all of the money will now go into strengthening our squad. The player wanted out for his own reasons so all round a win/win.

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To be honest green man,you might as well talk to the wall as talk to some of these.


Just dealing the facts Chalga, after all that bully boys supposedly like their facts! :hihi:


Nothing to see here, run along Children!


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And if we didn't need any more proof here it is straight from the horses mouth! What a bad club we are with a poor manager and board for not trying to stop the inevitable, regardless of the fact that we were technically powerless.



From Brighton local rag...


Jamie Murphy wants to use his move to Albion as a springboard to a Scotland call-up.


The Glaswegian winger signed from Sheffield United played under ex-Seagulls manager Mark McGhee at Motherwell and for Scotland under-21.


McGhee, now No.2 to Scotland boss Gordon Strachan, still lives in Brighton and Murphy hopes to catch his eye again following his £1.5 million switch from the Blades on a four-year deal.


The 25-year-old said: "He (McGhee) was the first one that gave me a real chance in the first team, a run of games, playing games in Europe. He was big for me at the time.


"If you play well enough it's always going to get talked about, so it's up to me.


"It's one of the big reasons I felt like making the move was a good thing. I want to try to get in my national team, I want to give everything I've got to try and do that."


Murphy, signed too late to feature at Fulham tomorrow, will be watching his new team-mates in the flesh at Craven Cottage after seeing their opening 1-0 win against Nottingham Forest last week on TV.


He said: "They played very well. It was a great performance from the rest of the boys and a deserved win as well, a good start to the season. Hopefully now we can keep it going."

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I like this supposedly newly reformed Sibon. More tact but still can't get a bite out of me. Thank you for the additional 5 minutes of your life that you gave me Yesterday by the way, every little counts :hihi:


Not as measured he says! However this thread is far more relevant than the other one as it is full of fact unlike the other which contains large amounts of stir mongering and ridiculous blue tinted speculation. I'm sure it is in the best interest of the forum to have factual statements as opposed to garbage!

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You seem to have become very bitter green man.


Very bitter me? Nah? Just proving a point. And game, set and match as far am I am concerned. :hihi:


You lot hijacked that thread Yesterday telling us how we have no ambition, how we are a selling club, how poor our board are how they are pulling the wool over our eyes. Bully boy tactics and constant digs, ganging up on anyone who dares to have an opinion that differs to the bully boy's blue tinted opinions.


Well there it all is in black and white. :D

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