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  1. why.............. ---------- Post added 03-10-2015 at 20:42 ---------- e-cig v diesel fumes, r u simple
  2. think you'll find all the blokes have stopped doing it
  3. yep, i live in hope ---------- Post added 03-10-2015 at 20:09 ---------- not hope derbyshire btw lol
  4. makes that look like a lucky point now
  5. adkins got lucky a couple of times what with scunny saints and that diet book but he's getting found out now
  6. i don't tell jokes,i just refresh peoples memory old ones are the best
  7. No, billy sharpe had sent him for a couple of cheeseburgers. he got back at half time and bumped into mccabe who asked him where he'd been. just got a couple of cheeseburger for billy sharpe says adkins oh well done says mccabe, good swap ---------- Post added 03-10-2015 at 19:42 ---------- soz.....................
  8. I couldn't possibly say mate tbh, i don't live in the city. live on the south coast but i get when i can, last i went time boro beat us,usually do more away than home
  9. well i wouldn't have expected 3 wins, but you're right about the other bit, a weeks a long time in footy ---------- Post added 03-10-2015 at 19:16 ---------- or should that be a short time, lol the old bishops fingers at work just like that canada bloke lol
  10. i'd be angry that adkins missed the first half
  11. Buy one get one for free??????????????
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