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Looking to move to Sheffield and need some advice on areas pleas

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Hiya we're looking to move from Stoke on Trent to Sheffield and would like some advice on areas to look at.Its going to be a council house because thats what we are in at the moment.

My partner is registered disabled and also her 26 year old disabled daughter will be moving with us.

Our main requirements are good transport links into the town centre because we dont drive and also we dont want somewhere that has gangs of kids/young adults hanging around because thats one of the reasons we are looking to move.We tend to keep ourselves to ourselves because my partner has low confidence due to a break in where she was tied up in our house which is one of the reasons we need somewhere that is fairly quiet.

I know its a tough ask but we are prepared to wait for the right place in the right area to come up.

Any suggestions on areas would be most appreciated

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How are you going to obtain a council house in Sheffield? Are you looking to exchange or go onto the waiting list? Are you looking specifically for disabled accommodation?


If you are applying to go onto the waiting list and you already have a property it could be quite a long wait unless you manage to get priority. There is a lot of pressure on housing right now and the waiting list for better areas is usually heavily subscribed. It may not be a case of choosing but accepting what is on offer.

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Thanks for your reply weve gone on the waiting list and they sent us a list of 50 houses they deem suitable.The only disabled facilities we will need are ramps in and out of the house and a wetroom and if possible a downstairs toilet as well as an upstairs one.

A couple on the list were suitable one of them is in Parson Cross but a friend of mine said it werent that great an area.

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To be very honest, none of the areas in Sheffield where council houses tend to be readily available would be deemed as 'great' areas to most people. Most are just OK areas, they all have their pros and their cons, and a lot of them will depend on which part of the estate it is. You used Parson Cross as an example, none of that area would be called great, but there are better and much worse parts of the area to live on. Same goes for the Gleadless area, some parts are bad, some parts are better.

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With those requirements and wanting a good, quiet area you may struggle to get something suitable. Many council houses in the better areas have now been bought under right to buy. Unless you want to wait for a very long time then you may need to accept what is on offer, including Parsons Cross.


You asked for areas close to the city centre; Arbourthorne, Manor and Wybourn would fit this criteria. However, with the disabled person in mind, you need to remember that Sheffield is hilly so getting around could be a problem depending on the severity of the illness. Maybe it would be best to post back for comments as suitable properties arise.

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Thanks for the replies folks its much appreciated

The property that took our eye straight away was in


Adlington Road,Parson Cross but the others were


Barrie Crescent,Southey/Longley


Boynton Crescent,Shirecliffe


Walden Road,Arbourthorne


Aylward Road,Arbourthorne


Like i said in my original post we are prepared to wait and see what becomes available tho

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Of those, personally, I would say Walden Road was the best of them all. Although Arbourthorne has its bad parts, Walden Road is at the very bottom of the estate and to my knowledge that part isn't bad at all. You are very close to the town centre with that one, a 3 minute bus ride. Parson cross, Southey, Longley etc are all over at the other side of the city, and a bit further out of the centre.


Just had to Google where Aylward road is, and its at the opposite end of the estate near Manor Top, so I would personally favour Walden Road over it.

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