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Advice on filling in an unwanted pond

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We have a pond, about 12 x 6 ft and 3.5 feet deep, set into decking, which we now longer want. Advice on filling it in would be appreciated. Could we fill it with builders' rubble and a layer of topsoil or is this inadvisable for any reason? Is there anything regarding building regs we need to know?


Any tips appreciated!

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Has it got a liner or is it concrete? You could use it as a bog garden as it will retain more moisture. If not, puncture the liner a lot so water doesn't build up in the soil you infill with.


It sounds ideal for puncturing then filling with a layer of rubble then soil and gravel to put drought loving plants in. A lot of people build beds for tropical / Mediterranean plants in beds similar to your pond. Just make sure it can drain rather than hold the water.

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