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  1. I have a large quantity of data on my Mac. I back uo onto hard drives but they are not hugely reliable. What is the best online backup option? iCloud or something else? Thanks
  2. I have a spreadsheet in which cell A1 has the value 3 and A2 has the value 9. I want another cell to look like this: The value 3.3% is the result If I type into the cell: ="The value "& A2/A3 & "is the result" This displays as: The value 3.33333333 is the result Is it possible to have a formatted value within the expression? Thanks
  3. Thanks but I get the same result whichever browser I use
  4. My partner has forgotten her password on her VM email and needs to reset it. The main VM account is in my name, and her email address is on that account. I have gone to the sign in page and clicked 'forgotten password' I am then asked to complete security details- date of birth and town where born. I'm 100% sure I entered these details correctly. Clicking Continue then just refreshes the same page and presents me with the same questions (with my answers showing) and I can't move on from this. What should I try next?
  5. I've been given an older Mac mini which I want to use because the most modern OS won;'t run the particular software I need. Can I use my iMac 24" as a monitor for the Mini? Thanks
  6. My household has two VM V6 boxes. If I give up one of them to save on the monthly cost, Will VVM actually ask for the box back? And if not, will I still be able to access the old recrodings on it (although obviously not view new content). Thanks
  7. My organsaition wants to employ a temp office person for a month or so - any recommendations for which agencies to approach? I'm envisaging having the agency employ the person and we just pay a fee to th agency rather than employing the person directly. Any recommendations?
  8. I have just connected my HP Scanjet 300 scanner into my new iMac and got this message: "HP Scanner 2” will damage your computer. This file was downloaded on an unknown date. The canner worked fine with my older Mac. Is there really a signifcant risk in using the scanner on my new Mac?
  9. Thanks dan2802 - but this links to a number of models- do you think any will do the job?
  10. I have a Virginmedia 3.0 hub in my attic. I now need the network to extend to the cellar due to the installation of a new boiler which has a wifi controller. I think VM would charge a monthly fee for their boosters. Can I just buy pretty well any boosters online and they will work? I don't need any extra features, just to be able to get wifi into my cellar. It is not practicable to move the router or create any sort of ethernet connection. Thanks
  11. Is anyone travelling to Manchester regularly? Are the trains really quiet at the moment? Thanks
  12. I'm not sure I like the styling that much myself - presumably it has changed so much because Jonny Ive has left - but would like to see them in the flesh, as it were. I'm aware you can't get one till later the month, but thought maybe the Shop had some you could look at.
  13. Had my question been: "How do I contact the Apple shop at Meadowhall in order to find out if they have new iMacs on display?", then your answer would have been excellent.
  14. Hi I don't think the new iMacs are available to purchase until later this month, but does anyone know if they are yet on display at the Apple Shop in Meadowhall? Thanks
  15. Hi Has anyone used this facility in the last few days? There were reports a while ago of long queues - is it still very busy? Thanks
  16. Is there anywhere in town I'll be able to get some keys cut this week? Thanks
  17. Hi The wireless keyboard on a friend's Windows PC has suddently stopped working. I changed the battery and still the Pc would not recognise it. I also tried a different keyboard with the same result. A wireless mouse IS working, however. Any ideas how to resolve this? Thanks
  18. A friend has bought Office 365 to instal on her Mac. She now has the installer package but when she tries to instal it, she she gets an error message saying that it requires OS 10.13.0 or later and so can't instal. However, her Mac actually has OS 10.13.16. Any ideas how to get round this? Thanks
  19. Anyone else not getting VM email? I can get it on the web portal but not on my email client (Mail on a Mac) Thanks
  20. Thanks for your help. Unfortunately, the 40 minutes limit is too short for us just to use a personal account. I know you have free or paid-for accounts in Zoom, and in the paid accounts, I think there is a distinctions between users (who must have a paid-for licence) and admins who just do the work of setting up meetings etc. But I'm not quite sure how all this actually works. Of course just sharing our CEO's account login should work but there might be a better way,
  21. My small organisation has a paid account in the name of the Chief Exec. Can we arrange it so that other colleagues can set up meetings, so the CEO doesn't have to do it herself. We don't need more than one meeting at once so I think we should only need one licence. Thanks
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