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  1. Is there anywhere in town I'll be able to get some keys cut this week? Thanks
  2. Hi The wireless keyboard on a friend's Windows PC has suddently stopped working. I changed the battery and still the Pc would not recognise it. I also tried a different keyboard with the same result. A wireless mouse IS working, however. Any ideas how to resolve this? Thanks
  3. A friend has bought Office 365 to instal on her Mac. She now has the installer package but when she tries to instal it, she she gets an error message saying that it requires OS 10.13.0 or later and so can't instal. However, her Mac actually has OS 10.13.16. Any ideas how to get round this? Thanks
  4. Anyone else not getting VM email? I can get it on the web portal but not on my email client (Mail on a Mac) Thanks
  5. Thanks for your help. Unfortunately, the 40 minutes limit is too short for us just to use a personal account. I know you have free or paid-for accounts in Zoom, and in the paid accounts, I think there is a distinctions between users (who must have a paid-for licence) and admins who just do the work of setting up meetings etc. But I'm not quite sure how all this actually works. Of course just sharing our CEO's account login should work but there might be a better way,
  6. My small organisation has a paid account in the name of the Chief Exec. Can we arrange it so that other colleagues can set up meetings, so the CEO doesn't have to do it herself. We don't need more than one meeting at once so I think we should only need one licence. Thanks
  7. Hi - a friend has written a book which she is going to get a local printer to print for her. I'm using Apple Pages, to do the layout but I'm looking for general advice rather than specific guidance on using this particular software. My problem is that on some spreads, the bottom of the text does not align properly. This happens where either: - there is a heading at top of one of the pages (headings are in a larger font than the body text - widows and orphan control means that a page would begin or end with a single line of text. There are illustrations on some pages, but they don't seem to cause this problem Any advice on how to get the body text to line up properly at the end of each page? Thanks!
  8. Is anyone else having short periods of their broadband going off? I'm in Sheffield 6. Thanks
  9. My main computer is a desktop iMac. I also currently have a Windows laptop borrowed from work. Can I use the iMac as a monitor for the laptop? Thanks
  10. The only tablets I've owned have been iPads, but I've been asked to recommend a fairy cheap tablet. Is the difference between a pretty cheap one and something much more expensive model mainly in the size and quality of the screen, the quality of the camera and the physical robustness of the machine? Are there things that more expensive ones do that cheaper ones can't do at all? Thanks
  11. I have a TV in a room where to where there is no aerial socket. Is it possible to get a device which will give me all the freeview chanels but via wifi, and connects to the TV via HDMI? Thanks
  12. Well I turned it off and turned it on again and it's fine 🙂 But I'm interested in PlayStation's suggestion of a booster, as the wifi is always poor in our conservatory so might get a booster just to remedy that.
  13. My VM Suerhub is in my attic and wifi strength is usually fine all over the house. But tonight, my laptop and two phone on the ground floor can't connect, though the desktop in the same room as the router can. I've not moved the router at all, nor moved anything closer to it to block the signal. Any ideas?
  14. Altus - that worked - thank you.
  15. Hi I have two columns of numbers like this: A B C 2 3 5 8 8 10 10 16 15 18 20 21 In column C I'd like a formula which tells me whether or not the number in column A also appears in column B (not necessarily on the same row) So: A B C 2 3 0 5 8 0 8 10 1 10 16 1 15 18 0 20 21 0 I would have expected this in column C =countif(A2,B$2:B$6) would do the job, but it doesn't. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
  16. Thnks for this, but all the calls itemised are well under that limit - one is only 8 minutes!
  17. Hi - I wonder if anyone can hlep me understand my bill. I have looked on the webiste but can't see the answer to my question and I think it's very difficult to get through to Customer Services at the moment! My package with VM includes the Talk More Anytime phone tariff which I though tcovered the cost of virtually all phone calls to landlines or mobiles. But my bill does includes some extra charges for phone calls. So far as I can see these are to ordianly UK mobile numbers. Does anyone know what ISN'T included with Talk More Anytime and so is changeable? Thanks
  18. Thanks. I'm in S6 and it seems Ok today, but a colleague is S14 has no service at all
  19. Hi - I know VM are having problems nationally at the moment. Is anyone is Sheffield 14 without broadband this morning?
  20. Hi just for the period of the lockdown, my organisation needs a small amount of shared cloud storage. I think Google Drive is only free for individuals. Any ideas? Thanks
  21. Hi - friend has set up a FB community and is an admin, but wants to post on it as herself, not as the community admin. How does she do this? Is a 'community' different to a 'group' and is the solution different for each of these (if they are indeed different)? Thanks
  22. Are other people having problems with VM email at the moment? Thanks
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