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Whats gone on at lowedges road 16/05/2015?

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No I don't, but with the estate the way it is it wouldn't surprise me.


Not many other reasons people get shot at these days, unless it's personal grudge or something


Ill be honest its been a long while since ive spent any time on the etsate so i cant comment on what its like now but i do remember it being a decent area with a few pockets of trouble causers here and there. Much like any other really.

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as part of the local tenants and residents association over the last 10 years the estate

has dramatically improved,and I agree its not perfect ,but its a reasonable place to live with nice green spaces,it even got the lowest crime area of s8 only a few months ago

25% of the estate is privately owned and some houses selling at large sums and if they come up for sale selling within days,so all in all its much better than many other social housing areas,but once a area has had a chequered past many people cannot see past that and see it as it is now

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I'm glad I got in . Nicer than firth park/page hall/pitsmoor/gleadless. I could go on its nicer than a lot of areas


Id go along with some of those estates. Gleadless for the most part is now a hole, thats sad as i have lots of good memories from my youth hanging around there and playing with friends.

Pitsmoor has its problems but i always feel safe going through no matter the time of day or night. In fact last time i went there i inadvertently blocked a crossing when a group of yoofs were trying to cross the road and all i got was smiles, a cheery wave and one lad game my car a big thumbs up :D

Page hall? I dont go there much these days.

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