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Vauxhall Dealer Diagnose Money Claim Back

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Hi guys,


My car been to Vauxhall dealer for diagnose as my car corsa 1.3 cdti 2007 misfiring on low revs. Vauxhall kept the car for three days and finally they told me that number 3 fuel injector is misfiring and no other fault reported. Got the car back on 28/04/2015 and on 30/04/2015 my timing chain snapped while driving the recovery guy confirmed that timing chain gone and it damaged all cam valves etc.


Can anybody confirm what are my rights and can i claim like repairs or money back. I paid £75 for diagnose and they could not find out if my timing chain is going.



Thank you

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Personally I would say you don't have any rights. You drove the car away from the Vauxhall dealers and then used it for 2 days. Timing belts/chains can fail at anytime without any warning, so how were the Vauxhall technicians to know it was going to do so. Although there are different version of the 1.3 diesel engine used in corsas and some are more prone to snapping than others. You may be lucky if it is a "non interference engine", you may have no valve damage at all.

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I can't see anyway it can be the fault of the mechanic, if they plugged it in and replaced a fuel injector they wouldn't have gone anywhere near the timing chain.


Often when the chain go's it doesn't give any warning, occasionally they might stretch or the tensioner might give in, but if it just snaps there could have been no way to tell it was going to happen.

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I discussed with few mechanics and all said the valves definitely got damaged as i was going in speed.


Regarding the Vauxhall dealer I told them about weird noise coming from engine. They checked everything like turbo egr and also performed compression test then they informed me that all ok only one injector is faulty.


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Yes i got your point i have very weak case so no point taking any action against them.

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