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  1. Hi, Thanks for the reply, i already contacted Virgin but unfortunately not available to my house, I asked EE advisor numerous time but he insist that they can provide fiber optic to my house, i told them that all other providers unable to provide fiber optic how can EE provide, but the answer was same that we can provide the fiber optic.
  2. Hi Guys, I am with Sky at the moment and my internet speed is really slow i been with the talk talk and maximum speed i could get evening times around 7Mb/Sec Now with Sky and getting around 6Mb/Sec. I am in S5 and my exchange is Attercliffe. After contacting BT, Plusnet etc all told me that my exchange is neither fiber nor Adsl2+ enabled, only virgin proved fiber and unfortunately not available to my house. Few days ago i received a letter from Sky saying that they are going to rise the price and i am free to go to any other provider if i ring them within 30 days of receiving price rise letter to let them know that i am leaving. Today i contacted EE home broadband and to my surprise they said they can provide fiber optic and speed up to 32Mb/Sec to my house. Can anybody confirm this who is on the same exchange if its true . Thanks
  3. Yes i am using after market bulbs and it does look like heat spots as the guy who did wet sanding said he sanded aggressively and he cant feel anything on those spots and the whole headlight is very smooth no uneven spots ---------- Post added 28-10-2015 at 16:30 ---------- No uneven spots tried with finger nails and with the needle as well, the guy who cleaned the light did say that it looks like some kind of lacquer (liquid) may be spilled in the past which went inside the plastic and caused spots. The lights were cleaned by wet sanding with 600 grit sand paper followed by 3000 grit then buffing. ---------- Post added 28-10-2015 at 16:34 ---------- The headlights made of plastic pal they are not over sprayed, if they were overs prayed then they could have easily be cleaned with wet sanding.
  4. Its corsa sxi face lift model and need to take the bumper off for taking headlights out which is not an easy job. I hope someone who had similar problem with similar headlights could confirm if the spots are inside or outside and can be cleaned or not.
  5. Impressed with your hardwork lol,, but i don't have girl friend so looking for alternative easy methods without putting in the bath
  6. Hi Guys, I just had my headlights cleaned from local body repair shop, after cleaning the dirt and other stuff gone but some weird spot visible on my headlights, although they were there but after cleaning it seems like they spread more on driver side headlight. I asked the guy who cleaned the headlights and he said that headlights are very smooth and he cant do more sending and spots are inside not outside of the headlights. The guy used 600 and then 3000 grit wet sanding then buffing. Before cleaning my driver side headlight was clearer than passenger side and spots were lot less, but after cleaning driver side headlight looks bit blurry and passenger side headlight looks more clearer although spots are visible on both headlights but driver side has lot more spots and due to this it looks blurry. The spots are more visible when headlights on, please see the pics below and advice me if i can get rid of these spots and they are not inside of the headlight. Thanks
  7. To clear things up, i was in one years contract but because they rise their prices in July they gave me option if i ring to cancel and move to another provider within 30 days of receiving price rise email, i will not get charged for any termination fee. So i rang to cancel 3 days after receiving price rise email.. ---------- Post added 23-10-2015 at 16:38 ---------- I mostly communicate through chat so i had all their chat logs only mistake was when i rang on 24th July did not take their name or reference, definitely will do in future
  8. Thanks guys for your support i received the call back from the guy who acknowledged yesterdays that i made a call and he listened that call now acknowledged that i made proper call to cancel it so he removing the fees. Also complained about cowboys who mislead and caused stress.
  9. My services with Sky gone live on 19th August, Plusnet sent me final bill and refunded me some money which they owed me they are charging for cancelling the services
  10. Hi guys, Need some help i was Plusnet customer since October 2014, on 20th July 2015 i received an email regarding the price rise and been advised that i can cancel without being charged within 30 days. I rang on 24th July 2015 asked them if they could give me better price or i leave, they gave me reduced price but it was not matching with Sky's offer, so i said offer is not good and what the process to cancel they told me that just sign up as normal and that's it. I signed up on 24th July with Sky and the same day received an email from Plusnet that you leaving early so you have to pay termination fee. I contacted Plus net the same day 24th July 2015 and told them the situation, been advised that ignore these emails as these are computer generated since then i started ignoring emails. The problem started when i received another email on 17/09/2015 saying that i have to pay outstanding balance of £9.71 otherwise my name will be passed to their deb recovery department. I contacted again via chat on 17/09/2015 and been told that its cancellation charge and i have to pay because i did not ring to cancel, i said i rang on 24th July 2015 to cancel again been told that they will look into it and solve the problem. After that i contacted Plusnet again via chat on 02/10/2015 asking whats going on been told now i have to pay £23.61 because of cancellation charge, again i told them i made a proper call on 24th July, again been told that they will look into it. On 22nd Oct 2015 my Plusnet account fully closed so i could not see what's happening, i contacted them again regarding this matter been told they cant find any records that i made call on 24th July which is shocking been told i have to pay now no matter what. This time i rang customer service on 22nd Oct 2015 at 18:21 PM, told them all story, he told me he can see a call made on 24th July all they need is to listen this call and they will contacted me tomorrow 23/10/2915 with outcome. I missed a private call on 23rd October 2015 around 13.30PM so i assumed it was from Plusnet so i rang Plusnet and been told nobody rang me today, i told them that i rang on 22nd October and spoke to someone and he suppose to ring back, again shocked with the reply that they cant find any records of that call too and no matter what i have to pay the charge. I asked them to send me call logs during July which she going to send in few days but i am really shocked, please advice me what to do this is totally ridiculous
  11. They tried their best with the best equipment they have.. I took the airbag just to see if steering wheel is proper sat on marking position and its exactly on marking position, so nobody fiddled with steering wheel in past i assume.
  12. He put locking tool on the steering wheel but i am not sure if he put the steering wheel in dead straight position. I am just confused cos independent mechanic says tracking is right and the people who done the tracking drove the car and said tracking spot on then why i have to keep the steering wheel a bit to the left to make it straight. Only one thing comes in my mind that may be in the past some one took the steering wheel off and did not put back right, but again before tracking my steering wheel was almost straight
  13. Thanks for the link but still not for specific model but i got the written guide will try later.
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