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Cat advice please


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After some cat advice.


I've just re-homed a Birman cat. female, 6 years old, very confident, likes people seems pretty chilled.


She had a non related sister, they have apparently been together since being kittens but the other is a Britsh Blue. The Blue seems very very timid, purred when having her chin tickled but was not coming out for a fuss and just hid under the bed for the first few days at the foster home. Not much info from the original owner to say if she is always like that or not, just that they used to get on.


My thoughts...


If they have been together since kittens it seems a shame to separate them.


Unless the Blue is only timid because the Birman was a bit of a bully.


She might also be timid as she takes a while to settle and the foster home was not very relaxing as there were various other cats living there, resulting in the Blue and Birman being kept in only one room for the last two weeks.


Also, I am worried that if the Birman spent the last 6 years with another cat, will she be lonely on her own?


Apparently there was something on TV about cats not always liking company but I didn't see it.


Any thoughts?




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The birman settled right in, I don't currently have the blue, was wondering more if I should get her too


If you felt that you could take her and would like her then I would ask what they were like before, were they close and did they like each other? if so go for it, if not I think that one alone is just fine.

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