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Modern house music


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got a gig to do in two weeks they have requested modern house music what should i do ?

1,pretend proper house music from the eighties is new

2,download "now thats what i call house music 2015"

3,take my old vinyl grandmaster flash albums

or non of the above:hihi:

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Why don't you email them and ask them what they want exactly?


I presume you're a rock fan? If I said I wanted rock music you wouldn't just say "right ok" and just play something you'd ask me what I specifically wanted. Do I want metal? hard rock? heavy rock? glam rock? classic stuff? prog? a mix of stuff?


This is the same, maybe they want it mixing, have you thought about that? Do they want house all night or just an hour or two? Do they want vocal stuff like Hed Kandi or deep house? Maybe they want techy stuff or maybe the more disco stuff like Spen puts out on his Quantize label. You want to keep the punter happy don't you? Take them seriously and find out what they really want and accommodate them

“I hate a good many things, but I suffer them all the same.”


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As with all gigs its best not to play any type of music for too long at a time, i try to use twenty minute ish sections as a start.we recently did an eighteenth party and the punters were very good, asking for requests all night including hi ho silver lining and ymca.:hihi::hihi:

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