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  1. the graphics are on board i have bought a nvidia quadro 600 its pci express x16 fitting it has good reviews for highend 3d work,has display port and dvi out puts,all drivers are available.
  2. I have been informed by the landlord of my local that all ale is real, imaginary ale does not exist.
  3. Have a get together with the other locals and send a joint complaint in they cannot just ignore it.I did a wedding disco at a well known venue just off the A1 nr worksop they too have a margue setup in the church gardens, but have a guy with a sound level meter on the boundry with nearby houses,he was in radio contact with a steward who never left my side all night and told me the level i could use.They must have had problems with the neighbours and the solution seemed to work.They also had a sound level monitering display and electrical equipement automatic cutout directly opposite from the stage,you do not have to suffer from noise, there are plenty of solutions available.
  4. The wage figures you are quoting are at todays values but you are comparing with a proposed figure for a uk minimum wage in 2020.
  5. in the early seventies a plate overhanging T-bone at the INDUS with all the trimming was just over a pound poor dog only ever got the bone.
  6. no it would not, engine will still run with it disconnected. ---------- Post added 14-08-2015 at 10:24 ---------- The egr valve can stick in the open position, if it does the engine will receive a full dose of exhaust gas all the time the engine is running.Years before egr valves were fitted the vauxhall chevette engine had a problem with the heat riser in the inlet manifold burning through and producing the very same result. ---------- Post added 14-08-2015 at 10:28 ---------- ludicrous comment best laugh today
  7. depends if the iso produces a boot disc or if the previous version of windows has to be running before the upgrade.Just found this on the windows 10 upgrade site .How often does the report run.The report runs automatically about once a month. If you've recently installed apps or devices, or made changes to your PC, the report might not reflect these changes. Great, but no way to force a fresh scan.
  8. possibly originating in page hall and being carried by the wind
  9. You will find the "incompatable with windows 10" message will not go away even when a new compatable card is fitted.My warning notice is still quoting the make and model of my old card.Cannot find a way of correcting it.The update will not go ahead untill i can fix it.
  10. i have lived and worked in sheffield most ofmy life and i have never heard anyone say twicker when they mean ta wicker
  11. i have to order a new graphics card mine is not supported under 10 they allways get you one way or another 35 quid for a card just hope i dont get any more surprises
  12. crocodile rock-Elton John plus many thousands more
  13. yes four for a penny I also remember the beech nut machines you got an extra packet every forth turn, the knob had a black dot that may have been added by a local scally.Still got a very tatty pound note plus a jock one.
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